How to Make a Cute DIY Tassel Skirt Out of 2 Dollar Store Rag Rugs

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Today, I want to show you how to transform some Dollar Store throw rugs into an awesome DIY tassel skirt! This DIY is so easy to do and looks really cool. The thick fabric makes this rug skirt the perfect item for winter.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 Dollar Store rag rugs
  • Zipper
  • Sewing machine
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
Checking the Dollar Store rag rugs for loose threads

1. Prep the rugs

The first thing you want to do with your two Dollar Store rugs is to go through and check for any loose threads.

Cutting and tying the loose threads

If you find some, then tie them and trim off the excess. 

How to make a rug skirt

2. Create the pattern

Next decide which rug you'd like for the front of your garment, and which one you'd like for the back. 


How to make a tassel skirt

Then lay them together on a flat surface with the front rug on top. 

Finding the center of the rugs by folding

Next, find the center of the rugs. The easiest way to do this is to simply fold them in half as evenly as possible and place a pin in the folded corner.  

Tracing a skirt for the skirt pattern

To make the body of the rug skirt, grab a skirt that you love the fit of and that also has a similar kind of stretch content to your rugs.  

Lining up the skirt with the center of the rugs

Line up the center of the skirt with the center of the rugs. 

Drawing the pattern with chalk

Next, use chalk to mark the sides of the skirt onto the rug.  

How to sew a rug skirt

3. Sew the rug skirt

Once you're happy with your template marks, go ahead and stitch the rugs together down the chalk lines. 

How to install a zipper into a skirt

4. Add the zipper

My fabric (rugs) was not stretchy at all so I absolutely needed to put in a zipper. I really like the look of an exposed zipper, especially on this type of kind of chunky fabric, so that's exactly what I did. 

Sewing the zipper onto the skirt

I pinned it in place and then stitched it on.  

Opening the zipper and cutting the fabric

Once the zipper was in place, I opened it up and carefully cut out the fabric behind it.  

Pulling out the frayed threads

Since the rugs are woven, once I cut them, they started to fray. I went ahead and pulled out a few of the frayed threads, then knotted them at the base of the zipper.  

Trimming the excess threads

With the threads nice and secure, I trimmed off the excess threads hanging beside the zipper, making sure not to cup through the original seam.  

Sewing the sides of the rugs down

5. Sew the sides down

Now that the zipper is done, I decided to sew down the flippy-floppy sides.

Making a DIY skirt out of rugs

I simply separated them, pinned them in place and smoothed them out.  

How to make a DIY mini skirt out of rugs

I did the same at the bottom as well to hold them in place. 

DIY tassel skirt tutorial

Next, I stitched them to the body of the skirt by stitching down from the front corner all the way around the bottom and back up to the back corner leaving the tops open. 

How to make a DIY tassel skirt

Once I had one side all nicely stitched together I flipped it over and repeated the whole process on the other side.  

Making pockets for the DIY tassel skirt

6. Create the pockets

Then I stitched a couple of straight lines across the front and the back to create pockets on both the front and back.

DIY tassel skirt

DIY tassel skirt from the back

DIY tassel skirt tutorial

This lovely DIY tassel skirt came out absolutely fantastic. It is comfy and even cozy enough for a chilly, snowy Canadian winter.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and the final result in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 Dollar Store rag rugs
  • Zipper
  • Sewing machine
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