How to Make a 1970s-Inspired DIY Crop Top & Skirt Without a Pattern

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by Wendy Herrera
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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a groovy DIY crop top and skirt! I purchased some bright '70s-inspired fabric and decided to make equally '70s-inspired flare pants, as well as this cute halter top and miniskirt set.

Let's get started on how to make a matching crop top and skirt!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Snap buttons
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread

DIY halter top

Fabric with yellow, orange, and brown print

1. Make the pattern

Ok, so I got a lot of fabric, and to make this halter top sewing pattern more doable, I measured 10 inches from the edge of the fabric and chopped it away! 

Measuring the fabric with a measuring tape

Next, measure 57 inches wide and cut. 

Pinning the edges of the fabric

Fold your fabric in half; the wrong side should be facing up. Pin the edges all across, as shown. 

Sewing the edges with a zigzag stitch

Sew the edges with a zigzag stitch so that you have an extra stretch. 

How to make the ends pointy

This is optional but I wanted the ends to be pointy. To do this, simply fold the corner of the ends inward until you get your desired shape. Pin in place and sew along the edges. 

Cutting the sides of the end

Cut the sides of each end so it can bend inward. 

Sandwiching the two ends together

Sandwich the two ends together and pin them in place. 

Leaving a gap at the top of the band

Sew along the edges including the short ends so it comes out looking like this. However, at the top of the band, leave a 15-inch gap to insert the cups that we will make in the next step. 

Tip: For a crisp seam, topstich along the edges. 

Making cups for the halter top

2. Make the cups

For the cups, cut a strip of fabric that measures 15 inches wide and 28 inches long. 

How to make a halter top

Cut that strip in half two have two pieces, with each strip being around 7½ inches wide. 

Making a DIY plunge halter top

Now, fold the fabric inward to get the desired shape of the cups. 

Pinning the edges of the halter top

Once you have your shape, pin the edges as this is where you’ll be sewing, along the fold. 

Cutting off the excess fabric

You’ll notice a lot of fabric on the top edge, so go ahead and cut off the excess fabric so it doesn’t look or feel too bulky. 

Marking sure the top is symmetrical

Before sewing the folds, make sure both triangles are symmetrical, especially at the top ends. 

Folding the top edges of the halter top

Also, fold the very ends of the top edges and sandwich both layers together for a professional finish. 

Measuring the bust for the halter top

Now, the pinning is complete. Just make sure the widest part of the fabric measures 7 inches wide on both pieces. Of course, if you have a larger bust, the measurement will be slightly wider. 

Sewing the DIY plunge halter top

Now, sew along the folds. 

Tucking the cups into the band

3. Assemble the halter top

Tuck the wide ends of the triangles into the band and pin. 

Making a DIY crop top and skirt

Sew it in place with a straight stitch. So, that how to make a halter top, let’s now move on to the miniskirt. 


1. Cut the pattern

Ok, onto the miniskirt! Measure and cut a piece of fabric that’s 41 inches wide and 16½ inches long.

Remember though, these are my measurements and you’ll need to measure your waist and desired length before doing this step (and the next).

Folding and pinning the miniskirt shape

Fold your fabric in half, wrong sides showing. Then, measure out your waist, hips, and backside. For reference, my measurements were (divided in half already):

  • Waist - 14 inches
  • Hips - 17 inches
  • Backside - 20 inches

Pin the measurements onto the folded fabric and you’ll notice a miniskirt shape forming. Be sure to place more pins to make the shape. 

Tip: I added an extra inch to my waist for extra room (I also add buttons, which I’ll show you later on). 

How to sew a miniskirt

Now, sew the pinned areas. I measured 5-inch slits on each side, so I stopped right there. 

Tip: Remember to backstitch whenever you start and finish. 

Trimming the excess fabric from the seam

Cut the excess fabric off from the sides. 

Hemming the raw edges

Then, hem the raw edges, including the slits. 

Adding snap buttons as closures

2. Add snap buttons

I added these cool snap buttons to the back waist part of my mini skirt. It makes the waist tighter and gives a more body-hugging vibe.

Place a button right next to the seam on both sides, and then place the second 4 inches away. 

DIY matching crop top and skirt

DIY crop top and skirt tutorial

DIY crop top and skirt tutorial

Here’s the final result! Honestly, I love this DIY crop top and skirt combo!

You don’t really need a specific sewing pattern for the crop top and skirt; just a few measurements will suffice. Easy, funky, and seriously flattering! 

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and the final set in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
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