From Vision to Reality

by Shortgirlbigmood

Have you ever had something in your head turn out to be even better than you imagined? I gotta tell you about this one time... see, I have a thing for mixing & matching basics, like the famous LBD {little black dress}. And so I put a vision board together, ordered the items, and then played dress up! And well, this styling came to life! When you have a few classic pieces, like this dress and jacket, paired with a couple trendy accessories, the styling possibilities are endless. What's something you've been dreaming about? Hopefully this inspires you to turn your thoughts into reality!

The plan.

Started simple, throwing a denim jacket on with the LBD.

Over the shoulders is always a sophisticated choice, even with a casual cropped jacket.

Wanna level up? A boater hat, especially an embellished one, will always do that. A cute puppy helps, too. :)

You can never go wrong with a top tied around the waist. Adds definition and gives you a hands-free way of carrying an added layer if it gets chilly!

Putting a top over a dress is a great way to extend its usefulness.

The sneaker and dress trend isn't going anyway, so go ahead, embrace comfort!

If you're interested in learning more about these looks, head HERE.

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