Three Chic Looks for Your Minimalist Wardrobe 2021

Minimalism has influenced fashion in at least two different ways. There is the minimalist aesthetic that uses clean lines, simple, uncomplicated design, and sticks to neutral and muted tones. There is also the minimalist philosophy, in which you curate a minimalist capsule wardrobe, making sure every item you own is something you need, and is versatile enough to be used in multiple looks. There are elements of minimalism--such as simple design, good construction, and overall great quality--that are essential to helping us build a wardrobe that we love. Here I will show you three different minimalist outfits for three different occasions.

Minimalist clothing


For this look, I chose a pair of skinny black pants paired with a very minimalist cashmere wrap sweater. 

Versatile cashmere sweater

This sweater is a great example of minimalist design because it’s simple and very well constructed, but the design itself is not boring.

Cute boots to bring the outfit together

For shoes, I kept it neutral and in the color palette, and chose a pair of suede black booties with a chunky heel. 

Nordgreen watch with mesh band

I kept my hair and accessories simple as well, wearing a twisted ponytail, and using my watch as the focal point of my outfit. For a discount on watches like the one I’m wearing from, use the code FER35. 

A simple work outfit

All together, they create a very simple, clean, minimalist work outfit.

Add a jacket for color

If you want to add a little color to the outfit, you can throw on a layer. I chose this taupe green jacket, which is not exactly minimalist in its cut, but it serves its purpose. I finished the look with a black leather tote, to keep with the original color palette. 

This capsule includes a weekend outfit


I specifically chose this mini capsule, which includes the black pants from the previous look, because it’s something I would realistically pack for a weekend trip that included a work meeting.

A belt gives a touch of warmth

I tucked in my sweater to make the lines of my outfit a bit smoother and added a brown belt for a touch of warmth.

Nordgreen watch with leather band

I kept the same watch as the focal point, but changed the strap from mesh to brown leather, to match with my belt. Check out for more beautiful watches like these, and use the code FER35 for a discount on your purchase. 

Minimalist wardrobe women

With a simple pair of white tennis shoes, this is a perfect outfit for a weekend away.

Minimalist design, fun print skirt


Now for something a little more fun: a date outfit. I paired the cashmere wrap sweater from my work look with this patterned black skirt, which is very minimal in its design and cut, though not its pattern.

Women’s minimalist wardrobe

For shoes, I went back to the black booties, because this is a capsule.


Add a jacket for color

I added a bit of color with the same taupe green jacket, though I don’t think this outfit actually needs it.

A black clutch to hold your belongings

What it does need, however, is a black clutch to hold my belongings, because for some reason we are still making women’s clothing without pockets.

And there you have it--a minimal, yet still fun, date outfit.

I hope these outfit ideas helped to get you thinking about how you can include some elements of minimalism into your wardrobe, whether you are a minimalist or not. 

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