Shopping Dos & Don'ts - Black Friday/Cyber Week 2021

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Black Friday deals can be so so tempting. You make a purchase here and there and before you know it, you've spent a fortune on sale items that will go out of style before Christmas!

This time of year, you can save money on classic wardrobe staples as long as you go in with a plan.

DO take advantage of the Cyber Week sales to pick up any designer items you've had your eye on for a while. The key thing to remember with luxury fashion is to never pay full price! Black Friday is one of the few times of year that many brands have a percentage off every single item in their store, meaning that classic pieces like the skinny tan Loewe belt will go into the sale.

When it comes to shopping the designer sales on Black Friday 2021, be sure to have a wishlist of items and stick to it. Even when they're discounted, luxury items are going to have a big price-tag, so it's important that you only buy pieces that you've been thinking about for a while and that you wanted when they were full-price. No impulse purchases allowed!

Black and tan/rust shirt dress from Shein

DON'T spend too much time trawling cheaper websites like ASOS and Shein during the Cyber Week deals. These have across-website discounts throughout the year and, because everything is already so cheap, it can be really easy to make ill-fated impulse purchases during their sales.

Save Black Friday 2021 for the brands that are usually out of your price range - for example, Ted Baker ordinarily sell dresses for nearly £100, but if you wait until the dress goes into the sale, you might get it for around the price of a full-price River Island or Topshop dress.

(Get the above dress here.)

Before you embark on a shopping spree this Black Friday, DO ensure you are aware of your personal colour palette. This is something I've spoken about several times on my YouTube channel, but essentially it means knowing what colours you actually wear and sticking to them! Buying trend colours in the sale usually leads to a cluttered, chaotic wardrobe.

A neutral colour palette is a good baseline for your wardrobe, then you can start adding trend colours once you have a basic capsule wardrobe - as long as they are trend colours that you have a history of wearing!

DON'T just stick to seasonal pieces during the Cyber Week sales! Because the Black Friday sales often includes discounts across every single item from certain retailers, it means you can buy classic pieces now and save them for another season. Then you'll be less tempted to go on a shopping spree when the seasons change later down line, because you'll have all these classic pieces that you saved money on and are excited to start wearing!

DO look out for good-quality materials during Black Friday 2021, such as cashmere, wool or cotton. Clothing made of natural materials cost a lot more when they're not in the sale so this is a good time to stock up. These will save you money in the long run because they'll last longer and many natural materials are temperature-regulating too, so you'll be more comfortable than in synthetic clothes.

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