How to Add Something Different to a T-shirt With Letter Beads

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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This summer, I made a whole lot of tie dyed t-shirts. Once they were done, I realized that they would be even more unique if I added fun catch words to them. I don’t have a heat press so I decided to use alphabet beads.

I started with my alphabet beads. I decided on “BE KIND” as my catch phrase.

I liked the words slightly off center… I placed them on the shirt.

I used a water soluble pencil to mark the beginning location.

Water will dissolve the blue mark away but I also put the bead directly on top of the mark.

I knotted the end of my embroidery thread.

To make it easier to sew the beads on, I use an embroidery hoop. You slip the inside hoop under the fabric.

Place the outer hoop on top and tighten.

I come up from the backside of the fabric with my needle through each bead.

When I get half way through. I bring my needle up through the fabric next to the last letter… then take the needle through all the sewn on letters and down through the fabric next to the first letter. That brings them tightly together as a word and makes them even more secure.

Almost done…

When I got to the last heart, I came up right to the right of it and then took my needle and thread through that heart then the d,n,i,k and middle heart and secured those letters together as one stitch.

I like it!

I will get some pics of my daughter wearing it. She’s my model.

I think it is pretty unique, I haven’t seen anyone do this before.

What do you think?

I also played around with some sequins…

I really love the colors.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post the bucket hat tutorial.

It’s really easy!

Suggested materials:
  • Alphabet beads   (Walmart)
  • Embroidery thread   (I had it)
  • Embroidery hoop   (I had it)
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