This Eyeliner Hack Will Change Your Entire Eye Shape

5 Materials
2 Minutes

If you’ve had problems trying to shape an eyeliner wing, this hack will make all the difference.

It makes it easy to figure out exactly where to put your eyeliner to make your eyes look larger.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyelash curlers
  • Dark eyeshadow
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Mascara
  • Mirror
Curling lashes

1. Curl

Curl your eyelashes right into the outer corner.

Loading brush

2. Load your brush

Put some dark eyeshadow on an angled brush.

Look down into a mirror so you can see the way your outer lashes go.

Adding line

3. Add a line

Draw a line of eyeshadow from the outer corner of your eye, following the direction of your eyelashes.

Extend the line to the edge of your brow bone.

Progress shot

Check by looking straight ahead that the line looks like an extension of your eye and isn’t drooping.

Filling in

4. Fill in

Add eyeshadow at the lash line and join it to the first line in a wing shape. Make it as dark as you like.

Eyeliner hack

Eyeliner hack

Put a little mascara on your outer lashes. The eye liner is barely visible but my eyes look amazing and so much larger.

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Suggested materials:
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Dark eyeshadow
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
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