This Simple Trick Will Give Your Ponytail INSTANT Volume

Taylor Pfeffer
by Taylor Pfeffer


Where has this hairstyle hack been my whole life?

This is such a great little trick for when you need more volume in your hair. I love my hair but when it’s this thick it can look a bit heavy. Sometimes I just want some extra lift. Ok grab a mini clip and I’ll share my secret.

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First put your hair into a ponytail

note: the slick back ponytail is hot right now. Guess everyone got tired of their "messy buns" and flyaway hairs

Now once it’s in a ponytail split it into 2 sections like this

Stick the clip in the middle of the top and bottom sections. Make sure you use a clip that’s relatively close to your hair color. So if you have dark hair then use a black clip. If you have light brown hair use a light brown clip. I couldn’t find a little blonde clip but I think this one will hide well.

See? It added a little more volume and looks like a high ponytail now.

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  • Janjan Hubbard Janjan Hubbard on Sep 08, 2022

    I don't see anythng different!

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    • Vikki Decker Vikki Decker on Sep 08, 2022

      Look at her pony in the first picture. You will see most of the tie she used. Now look at the picture once she is done, you will see less of the tie. There isn't a huge difference but it is higher.

  • Carole Mead Carole Mead on Sep 08, 2022

    How do you get it slicked back, so that it is so smooth on your scalp? Do you use products?

    Dog Mama

    • Liloneadf712 Liloneadf712 on Sep 08, 2022

      I myself, have very wavy hair. Especially after fresh shampooing. To get all slick back, I wait till dry, then I brush and hold tightly with my hand, then I pull all back and after placing into tie, I spray hair spray to flatten all fly-a-ways.