3 Sequin Skirt Outfit Ideas for the Festive Season

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In this short lookbook, I’m going to give you some sequin skirt outfit ideas with three stylish ways you can style a sequin skirt for this festive season.

Pink blazer

1. Pink blazer

First up, I’ve paired the skirt with a simple black top and a bright pink blazer.

The skirt and the blazer are both bold, statement pieces but they’re not competing for attention because they are so different from one another.

Sheer sleeves

2. Sheer sleeves

If you don’t want to add any more color to the look, you can opt for a chic black blouse like this one that has sheer sleeves with a bit of puffiness at the top.

I really like how you can see my arms underneath the sleeves.

Red sweater

3. Red sweater

Last up, if you’re going to be wearing this skirt on Christmas Day itself, what better to pair it with than a red sweater - it will instantly get you into the holiday spirit.

I also added some long, dangly silver earrings to accessorize that tie in perfectly with the skirt.

Sequin skirt outfit ideas

There we have three ways that you can style a silver sequined mini skirt this festive season.

I hope this lookbook has given you some styling inspiration. Let me know which outfit you like the best in the comments below!

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