Wearing Tartan After the Holidays

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There’s a lot of talk around wearing tartan after the holidays. Some say you can wear it, some say you can’t. Some color variations of the prints are ok while others (that feature red and green together) are not. I respect everyone’s choice to wear what they want when they want, but I also have a few considerations for you when it comes to wearing plaid or tartan after the holidays. Who knows, maybe I’ll just convince you to wear it all year round.

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Why You Should Consider Wearing Tartan After the Holidays

The 25 days after Thanksgiving just is not enough time to wear holiday outfits. I know fashion trends come and go quickly, but the word “trending” can be longer than 25 days. Before the age of social media, things trended much longer than a day or two. Being the old soul that I am, tartan and plaid should trend all winter, every winter. *Note: Winter doesn’t end when the holiday season does! Not to mention one more little thing…

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Patterns & Prints on Sale!

The number one reason to wear tartan after the holidays is because it’s all on sale now. The stores are done with Christmas and have moved on to spring and summer. Which means now is the time to shop for all the holiday plaid, tartan, and check! They’ll be offering these prints and patterns for a discounted price from now until next holiday season if that’s what it takes. You might as well take advantage of the deals while you can AND enjoy your purchases too. There’s no shame in celebrating Christmas all year anyways. Here are just a few of my favorite tartan items on sale.

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Less Christmas, More Neutral

Try wearing less Christmas color combos with these prints. Personally, I’ll be wearing red and green well into the winter. But if you’ve already moved on to spring trying wearing black watch plaid, lighter shades of tartan, and pastel check. You’ll be able to get the discounts on the items and avoid post holiday depression. I’ve included some great transition pieces for after the holidays and into spring below.

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