How I Made a Sweats Skirt Out of Old Sweat Pants!

I have bunch of sweat pants that are worn and ugly and probably have a bunch of paint on them from work around the house. Well sweat skirts are becoming more and more popular but instead of buying one I decide to make it! It really is pretty easy with some entry level of how to use a sewing machine.

I started by cutting the seem between the legs.

Then turned the shorts inside out and lay it with the two cut sides matched up.

Then I used the sewing machine to stich from the top seam of the short to the bottom on either side.

Like I mentioned, this does not take a lot of sewing skills. All you need to do is sew straight lines to join the fabric. But even the most elementary use of a sewing machine does require some knowledge. Watching some videos on YouTube should be sufficient for this project or just knowing how to tread a machine! I am not a skilled seamstress by any means and this is the extent of my talent when it comes to sewing.

Finally, I hemmed the bottom and cut off some of the extra fabric that remained on the inside of the new skirt.

I paired it with a long sleeve cropped sweatshirt and sneakers!

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  • Lorib1062
    20 hours ago

    Add an inch for each decade older I am; mine will be right about the knee, but still very very cute!

  • KimofCoventry
    1 minute ago

    I just bought a skort, yesterday, so know I like the casual skirt look. I have similar shorts, and limited sewing skills, and will be trying this! So smart. Adorable. 👍

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