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Great workout wear can make all the difference in your motivation to workout and to have an amazing workout! Similar to the importance of dressing everyday in what brings you joy, comfort and style, workout wear is not any different! When I plan a workout outfit that I’m excited to wear, I look forward to working out!

My set criteria for workout wear includes the following:

  • COMFORT is absolutely essential – high waisted leggings that hold me in, stay put and in place despite bending, stretching, etc. and must be cute!
  • CUTE – this of course has to be it’s own category/criteria because why would we wear anything that isn’t cute?!
  • SPORTS BRAS – must hold the girls high and tight, no jiggling, bouncing or cutting in/pinching
  • TENNIS SHOES – must support my feet and keep them comfortable (I should mention that lately I’ve been doing everything in my bare feet. Aerial yoga is always done barefooted. Since my other workouts are currently virtual, I’ve been doing them in my bare feet.). Love my tennis shoes to match my workout wear.

I’ve tried many brands both expensive and inexpensive. Here are my top three picks that meet my criteria consistently without disappointment! I can purchase these without the need to try them on!

Zyia Active Wear

You might recall that I did a whole blog post about Zyia Active Wear. You can read that post HERE.

When I put the sports bra on, I was pleased that it did exactly what I’d hoped for…held me high and tight! Not much jiggle or bounce! Phew! Additionally, it remains comfortable throughout all of my workouts! I can honestly say it’s the first workout bra that I liked and am comfortable wearing! Yay!!! Until getting the Zyia sports bra my hunt for the perfect sports bra had been unsuccessful!

The Zyia leggings also meet all of my criteria…comfort and cute! The Zyia leggings are high waisted, stay in place, are comfortable and have pockets! Both the leggings and the sports bra hold me nicely in place while maintaining comfort throughout entire workouts! In the picture above, you can see that I’ve layered a t-shirt over my sleeveless Zyia tank and I’m wearing my sports bra under the tank. Layers are always my workout wear go to and more often than not I’m in t-shirts.

workout wear, Jessica Farr
Jessica Farr

By the way, Zyia wear comes in all sizes, women, children and men. If you’re interested in knowing more about the brand or placing an order, Jessica is your girl! She can help you out by answering your questions, placing orders, etc.! Click HERE!

Calvin Klein
workout wear, CALVIN KLEIN Sportswear Macy s Fox Valley Mall
CALVIN KLEIN Sportswear Macy’s Fox Valley Mall

The first time I purchased a pair of Calvin Klein leggings and matching t-shirt it was because I liked the pattern and the colors! I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you! That’s always my starting point…is it cute? Is it fun? Truthfully, I didn’t have a lot of confidence that it would meet all of my criteria but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it in fact does and is in my top three choices for workout wear!

Additionally, I like that I can often get a matching sweatshirt, add some jewelry and look good enough to be out and about running errands or for just lounging around. Since these leggings are colorful and patterned, I think you could add a tunic or top, some heels or booties and wear them for other events and activities!

workout wear, Maize always wants to join in and loves laying on my yoga mat Rip Stix for my Pound Fit workout
Maize always wants to join in and loves laying on my yoga mat! Rip Stix for my Pound Fit workout!

Here’s another example of a pair of my Calvin Klein leggings – fun design, fun colors! As previously stated, I prefer to wear a sports bra and t-shirt when working out. I tend to plan my workout outfits like I do my everyday outfits especially since my Pound Fit and Pom Squad Fit classes often have holiday themes and active wear that goes with each workout, which I’ll elaborate on next.

Old Navy

In my opinion, Old Navy has amazing leggings that meet my criteria and go beyond! The leggings are true work horses! I felt so proud and excited the first time I wore leggings because I had no confidence prior to losing my weight. I would have never set foot in a gym or anywhere else for that matter in a pair of leggings. The first time I wore these I recall my husband being shocked and saying, “You don’t wear leggings.” My reply, “I do now!” These pictures not only chronicle my first leggings but also my first trip to the gym and the start of my fitness journey!

workout wear, January 2019
January 2019

I didn’t have a clue as to what type of leggings I would like and didn’t want to spend a lot while trying to figure it out so I started at Old Navy! Success! These leggings appealed to me because of the design and the side stripes with a silver shimmery sparkly stripe! Two years later and I’m still wearing these exact leggings. That in and of itself says a lot! They run true to size and often come in fun colors and patterns!

As you can see, I always match a t-shirt with my leggings and I’m usually in layers especially since we do many inversions in aerial yoga. I don’t want to have a wardrobe mishap! LOL. Comfort and being able to move with ease are essential. There’s nothing worse that tugging and pulling and rearranging your workout wear.

Old Navy carries several different styles. My favorite is the high waisted elevate 7/8 length. They run true to size. I also like the compression leggings. Both styles hold me in nicely and stay up – no rolling over or sliding down! Old Navy has great sales. There are true winners in my book!

Other Brands

10 Down Ups Challenge

♬ Easy Love – Sigala
workout wear, T Shirts Amazon Leggings K DEER
T-Shirts: Amazon Leggings: K-DEER
workout wear, I recently won a contest sponsored by Pom Squad Fit and got to pick my prize I can t wait to receive this t shirt Now I need some leggings with purple stripes
I recently won a contest sponsored by Pom Squad Fit and got to pick my prize! I can’t wait to receive this t-shirt. Now I need some leggings with purple stripes!

There are other brands that I own but it’s been trial and error. Several I like because they fit with the branding of Pound Fit. K Deer is typically what you’ll see the Pound Pros wearing! Additionally, I wanted Pound t-shirts that matched. I often wear band tees that match my leggings because Pound is all about a “Rockout Workout”!

workout wear, Halloween Themed Pom Squad Fitness
Halloween Themed Pom Squad Fitness

Life is short! Have fun! When Leah announces that our virtual workouts are themed, I’m all about dressing up and even working out being dressed up…these weren’t the most comfortable leggings but weren’t to bad either.

These leggings are Calvin Klein and match all of my criteria also in my top three picks! You can see that this was a Christmas themed workout.

Gail’s Workout Wear Favorites
workout wear, Leggings Carbon 38
Leggings: Carbon 38

Several posts ago, I introduced you to my friend Gail. To read that post, click HERE.

“Just like with clothes the objective is not to spend too much unless I know that the pattern will make me happy a year from now.” Gail and I are very like minded! Being cute and comfortable doesn’t need to break the bank. We both love a good sale and rarely pay full price unless something is a must have!

workout wear, Legging Onzie
Legging: Onzie

“I sweat profusely so the long sleeves I wear are for a purpose (to absorb sweat); and also as I have gotten older I don’t want to parade around in just a sports bra.”

workout wear, Legging Equilibrium Activewear Love that this is owned by a mother daughter duo
Legging: Equilibrium Activewear (Love that this is owned by a mother/daughter duo!)

“I will occasionally wear a tank top but I know that I’m happier in fabulous leggings with a cropped long sleeve top.”

workout wear, Legging Equilibrium Activewear
Legging: Equilibrium Activewear

“As far as sneakers- I MUST have very cushioned ones.
I have been wearing some iteration of the same NIKE Air Max since they were created. The cushioning absorbs impact from jumping around. “(there’s a song in there…LOL – Jump up, jump up and get down by House of Pain immediately came to my mind!)

workout wear, Workout Wear LIVE MIAMI
Workout Wear: LIVE MIAMI

“I’m also a bit of a diva and like to match sneakers to outfit.” YES! to that sister! A requirement for all fashion divas!

“Just like with clothes- I’m very critical of myself with workout clothes. I want to look my best!” Don’t we all! I second that!

workout wear, Leggings LIVEMIAMI

Gail sums it up perfectly: “In the end, the only goal of your wardrobe is to make yourself feel good. If a certain outfit makes you confident in your own skin, throw it on! That’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter if you’re 29, 39, 49, or 59 like me; fashion empowers us all. As Martha Beck said: “Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld.”

Here’s to looking and feeling beautiful in everything you wear even your workout wear!

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Hopefully you’ve gotten some workout wear inspiration and enjoyed viewing our favorites! Do you have a favorite brand of workout wear? What is your criteria? Leave us a comment! We love to hear from you!

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