5 Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack!

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by Berta Lily
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Did you hear the good news? Fanny packs are cool again! I got this Rebecca Minkoff leather bag second hand from Posh mark and found 5 cute ways to wear it! I brought it on vacation which is probably the optimum time to utilize a fanny pack!

The first way, of course is the "traditional" style, fanny pack over the front on a long dress to hide all the food I was eating on vacation!

I also really liked it as a belt! this bag in particular actually separated from the belt part and you could just wear the belt with out the fanny icon Which is great for versatility on vacation while packing light.

I also thought it was super adorable with the bag part on the back over the tush and the belted part on the front! I think this went well with a short dress.

Option number four was to wear it just like a purse! why does it have to be a pack after all? Like I mentioned, this bag in particular, completely separated from the belt so I could have also held it like a clutch in my hand.

The last way was to wear the bag as a one shoulder backpack. I really love this look too and can actually be flipped over to have the bag on the front rather then the back. So really there were SEVEN ways I could've worn it icon

I know this is a post about clothes but man, THOSE SUNSETS! All of these were from my trip to Aruba and the views did not disappoint

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