One Dress, 5 Different Ways to Wear It Depending on the Occasion

Styling one dress, different ways depending on the occasion makes sense. With this idea you create a much bigger wardrobe. Even though a dress is thought of as a dressy item, I’m showing 5 different ways to wear this one floral dress.

I've listed 4 of the ways to wear this same dress below, and make sure to visit the blog post for another way!

While most of us concentrate on the fact that this is a dress, there are other factors that fit into the equation of an outfit. However, in listing these factors, I would also say not to get too caught up in one detail or another.

1-Material: Most of us consider cottons more casual and shiny material more dressy. That being said, remember you probably are more aware of the material than everyone else.

2-Layering: Adding a jacket, kimono, blazer or belt can change the vibe.

3-Footwear: I’m a firm believe that shoes can make or break an outfit. Yet we don’t have to give up comfort in this day and age.

4-Accessories: Most of us agree that details can make a difference. That’s exactly why accessories can be used to give different looks to one dress.

One Dress, Different Ways to wear for Casual

Hanging around the house may not be the time you think about dresses. Yet the house dresses of the olden days were exactly what my grandmother always wore. A dress like this is easy and breezy and makes hanging out at home look good.

I added in sandals that are basically like slippers and my cap to hide my messy hair. If I had to run a quick errand, my pink purse would be the perfect addition.

Wearing the Dress for Errands

Going out to run errands doesn’t mean you have to be in jeans. In this heat, getting in and out of the car multiple times makes wearing a cooler dress mandatory.

Because of all of the walking, I chose my sneakers and made sure that I had a jacket for the air conditioned stores.

A Dress for Lunch

Going out to lunch seems more casual than dinner, yet it’s still nice to look good. If I’m going to lunch anywhere, I try to remember to take some covering, so I grabbed this kimono.

Again, comfy shoes (in case we go shopping after lunch) and fun earrings.

Date Night

Date night is the perfect opportunity to grab that dress and feel a little fancy. I pulled out the heels, put on a belt and put the focus on my face with colorful earrings.

Of course a pashmina was added since the restaurants tend to be cold.

It's sustainable to make the clothes in our closet work for us for many different occasions!! The same piece can be transformed with a couple of changes of footwear and accessories!

Don't forget to see the 5th way I transformed this dress on the blog.

I think it's always beneficial to analyze why you don’t wear an item in your closet. When you figure out the why, then you can find ways to make it work. OR better yet, ask a friend for help. Just like the time each of us styled each other and came up with outfits we never would have put together ourselves.

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Jodie Filogomo
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