Quick and Easy DIY Denim Pocket Belt Tutorial

Enitan Agbabiaka
by Enitan Agbabiaka
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Hey everyone. I’m so excited to show you how to make a denim pocket belt out of a pair of old and boring jeans.

If you have been having trouble figuring out what you can do with old jeans, this is the perfect DIY for you.

This is a great way to make a practical and fashionable accessory.

Tools and materials:

  • Old jeans
  • Sewing machine 
  • Seam ripper or blade
  • Scissors 
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Chain (or other optional accessories)
Cutting out pocket

1. Cut out a pocket

Cut out one back pocket with an extra inch around the cut-out. 

Cutting out pocket

Then cut more precisely along the sides of the pocket but leave the extra inch at the top of the pocket.   

Removing waistband

2. Remove the waistband

The next step is to remove the waistband using a seam ripper or a blade.

This will take a long time but just be patient as this is an essential piece of our project.

Once you have removed the waistband, clean it up by pulling out all the extra thread from the removed stitches.


3. Measure, cut, pin

Measure your waist and add 1.5 inches to the measurement. Use your scissors to cut the waistband to size.

Open the bottom edge of the waistband to slip in the extra inch of fabric at the top of the pocket.

Make sure it is placed in the right location, slightly to the side of the center waistband.

Once you have it laid flat and straight use some pins to hold it in place.

Adding pocket

4. Placement

If there is still a belt loop at the end of the waistband, on the side opposite the side with the button, remove the belt loop. 


Then open the waistband and fold the edge inward by a ¼ of an inch. Pin that down as well.

Cutting excess fabric off

5. Cut and sew

Sew the end you just folded inward and continue sewing along the bottom of the waistband to close the seam.

Trim excess fabric from the belt loops.

Fold the bottom edges in and reattach the belt loops by sewing them in place.

Adding buttonhole

6. Buttonhole

The final step for creating this waist purse is to create a buttonhole at the end opposite the end with the button.

Fold the edge of the fabric in half to cut a slit for the buttonhole.

Adding chain

7. Accessories

If you want to spice your pocket belt up a bit more consider adding some accessories.

I decided to attach some chains to mine using thread and a needle to secure them in place.

You can add any accessory you like. If you prefer a softer more feminine look sew on some flowers instead of a chain.

DIY denim pocket belt
DIY denim pocket belt

DIY denim pocket belt

DIY denim pocket belt

Can you believe how simple that was to make? I love this fun and funky pocket belt. It is such a fantastic way to upcycle a pair of old jeans.

Give this project a try at home. Don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know how yours comes out.

Suggested materials:
  • Old jeans
  • Sewing machine
  • Seam ripper or blade
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