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The facemask fog struggle is real! Here is a DIY facemask with no gap and no more fog. Learn how to sew this breathable mask and stop worrying about wearing your glasses and facemask at the same time.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Clips
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Marker
  • Plate
Easy facemask

Measure and cut the fabric 

The first step to this facemask DIY is cutting two 9.4 by 7-inch pieces of fabric. 

Fold over

Next, fold the two pieces over twice. 

How to make a facemask

Mark 1.9 inches across and down from one corner of the folded fabric. Make sure it is the corner that’s not on the fold. 

Connect the markings

Grab your ruler and connect those to markings with a straight line. 

Cut across

Then use scissors to cut across that line and get the right shape for your fabric pieces. 

Easy DIY facemask

You will end up with two pieces. One piece for the back and one for the front of your new facemask. I chose to use two, different, very pretty fabrics for this mask. Feel free to pick any fabrics that work with your aesthetic. 

Sew around the fabric

Sew the two pieces 

Next, place the pieces right sides together and stitch around the edges, leaving a small gap in the center of one of the long sides. 

Simple facemask

Once you have stitched, grab the scissors and trim the edges of each corner of the mask. 

Turn out

In the next step, turn the mask right side out through the opening on the one side. 

Close the opening

Once your mask is the right way around, sew closed the opening. 

Topstitch around the mask

While you are next to your machine, topstitch around your mask. 

How to sew a facemask

Create the folds 

In this step, Fold down the top of the mask and press it. 

3D facemask

Then fold up the bottom to overlap the top fold and press it down as well. 

No fog facemask

Next, fold the fabric in half and use a marker to mark the center on each side. 

Use a plate

Draw and sew the curves 

In this next step, you will need a plate to help you out. Trace a curve from the center marking on each side to the top of the mask by tracing the edge of the plate. Make sure to do this on the bottom of the mask as well. 

Sew along the curves

Once you have the curved lines marked and connected, sew along the lines. 

Clip the fold

Add the elastics

Fold over the bottom sides of the mask so that the fold lines up with the center marking and clip the fold in place. 

Slide in the elastics

Cut your two pieces of elastic and slide the ends under the small folds on the top and bottom of the mask. 

Sew on the elastics

Lastly, stitch a straight line sewing the elastics and the folds in place on your new facemask. 

Sew a facemask

There is nothing better than being able to see properly while wearing a facemask! What do you think about this no gap and no fog facemask? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
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  • Bernadette Wilson Bernadette Wilson on Feb 22, 2021

    Looks like a lot of work!!

  • Lea25367630 Lea25367630 on Dec 26, 2021

    Looks great, but I would add a nose bridge. A 2.5" by .25" piece of aluminum. I usually cut mine from metal flashing, then double cover with interfacing and sew all around to enclose. Pin to the inside of mask and sew just below seam allowance. Then proceed with your great mask..!!