The Necklace You Should Be Wearing With Your Shirt Type

by Stylefox

Do you ever wonder what jewelry looks best with your outfit?

Well, today, I’m going to talk you through what type of necklace you should wear depending on the type of shirt you’re wearing.

You can of course wear whatever feels right for you. This guide just shares some helpful and flattering suggestions. Let’s get into it.

Halter neck top

1. Halter neck top

If you’re wearing a halter neck top, then a slim pendant looks really flattering.

Strapless top

2. Strapless top

If you’re wearing a strapless top, opt for a choker necklace.

Sweetheart top

3. Sweetheart top

Pair a sweetheart top with a thick pendant. 

Asymmetrical top

4. Asymmetrical top

As a general rule, an asymmetrical look usually looks best without a necklace at all! Instead, opt for a pair of drapey/statement earrings.

Square neck top

5. Square neck top

Layered necklaces look awesome with a square neck top.

The necklace you should be wearing with your shirt type

I hope you found these suggestions helpful! What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments down below. Are there any pairings you’d do differently?

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