How to DIY a Cute Infinity Scarf With a Pocket Pattern

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Here’s a great gift for someone - or yourself! I’ve put together an infinity scarf with a pocket pattern that’s super easy to make.

Infinity scarfs are comfortable and fun to wear and when you add a hidden zipper pocket, they become useful too.

Sew along with me and see how simple this DIY infinity scarf is to make. I’ve used a contrast thread and zipper so you can see what I’m doing.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 yards of cozy fabric
  • 10 inch invisible zipper
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Zipper foot
  • Sewing machine
Preparing fabric

1. Prepare your fabric

To make your scarf the same size as mine, cut the fabric to be 20 inches wide and 60 inches long.

You will also need two 11 inch squares of the same fabric for the pockets.

I’m using a polka dot flannel for my scarf.

Inserting zipper

2. Insert the zipper

Lay out your fabric with the right side facing up.

Measure 12 inches from one end of your fabric.

Place one side of the zipper right side down on the edge of your fabric, with the tape aligned with the edge and the teeth facing inwards.

Inserting zipper

Place one of the pocket pieces right side down on top of the zipper, aligned with the same edge of the fabric.

Inserting zipper

Using a zipper foot, sew through all three layers close to the zipper teeth.

Inserting zipper

Fold the scarf fabric lengthways with the right sides together, aligning both scarf edges.

Place the other side of the zipper against the edge of the fabric with the right sides facing..

Inserting zipper

Lay the other pocket square on top, with the right side down.

Sew the second side of the zipper in the same way as the first.

Completing pocket

3. Complete the pocket

Starting from the end of the scarf nearest the pocket and taking a half inch seam allowance, sew the scarf seam as far as the pocket.

Sew the pocket bag together around the three open sides.

Sew the other side of the scarf seam, leaving a 6 inch opening about half way along.

Connecting ends

4. Connect the scarf ends

Turn the scarf right side out.

Fold it in half so the short edges are together.

Connecting ends

Insert your hand into the 6 inch opening in the seam and bring it out at the end.

Line up the two seams with the right sides together and hold them.

Connecting ends

Pull your hand back out of the opening, bringing the ends of the scarf with you.

Connecting ends

Pin and sew the raw edges together, with the right sides facing.


5. Finishing

Pull the sewn edges back through the opening to the right side.

Close the opening by turning in the raw edges and sewing them together close to the edge.

DIY infinity scarf with a pocket pattern

DIY infinity scarf with a pocket pattern

DIY infinity scarf with a pocket pattern

Now you can go for your fall and winter walks without needing to take a purse! 

You can customize this DIY infinity scarf by changing the length and width of the scarf or making the pocket smaller.

You could use a knit fabric and sew it with a zigzag stitch, or make a fleece scarf with pockets to go over your jackets and coats. It makes a great gift and your friends won’t realize how easy it is to make.

I’d love to know what you think of it. Also tell me what other sew-along projects you’d like to see me do.

Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards of cozy fabric
  • 10 inch invisible zipper
  • Pins
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