Dollar Store Green Scarf- 3 Ways “Jersey Girl Knows Best”

Jersey Girl Knows Best
by Jersey Girl Knows Best
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The dollar store has a great selection of polyester scarves now a days and what’s even better they have holiday themed ones as well! It is very simple to change up the style of these scarves! Are you ready?! Let’s do this!

Look at these beautiful green colors! I simply tied the scarf in a loose bow. It like tying your shoes, but for your neck😆. I even put the bow tie more to one side and I liked it that way as well!

This is a classics style. You may even wear your winter scarves this way under your winter coat. I simply folded the scarf in half, put it around the back of my neck with the looped end draped over my one shoulder and then the two loose ends on the other shoulder. I then took the two loose ends and pulled them through the middle of the looped end. I kept the whole thing pretty loose as you can see.

Here is the scarf tied further from the second style. I tightened it on the neck and then tied the length of the scarf in a knot. I like it off center like this, it gives it a little more pizazz! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Follow me on my style adventures!

Suggested materials:
  • Polyester scarf   (Dollar Tree)

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