Hair Accessories: Scarves, Ribbons, Bows, Headbands

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by Diana | _deardianaaa_

We brush it everyday and yet some days it can still be a nuisance. Hair! When I have good hair days I notice my mood is automatically elevated and even relaxed. Sometimes how you feel about your hair can be attributed to if you styled it or accessorized it. The days I decide to add hair clips, bows, ribbons, scarves, bandanas or headbands are the days I truly feel put together. Follow along for some fun and easy ways to incorporate hair accessories into your everyday life. Whether you are doing hair for work, a date or just for yourself you can always spice up your hair with a fabulous accessory.

A silk square scarf tied over my ponytail. I found this particular scarf at a thrift shop in Paris. You can find something similar here on

A view from the front wearing the same scarf

I really do love this scarf, so versatile and can be worn all year round. Although I tend to wear it more during the summer months - makes me feel as if I am in Europe.

This white chiffon scrunchie scarf is an all time favorite. I found this one on, this is exactly the same one I purchased for $2.00

Wearing the white chiffon scrunchie scarf on a summer trip

The scrunchie scarf provides such nice flow and volume to your hair and is easy to pack with you when you are a traveling.

Wearing the white chiffon scarf on my honeymoon in Bora Bora. I even added a little red flower to my hair for a more fun vacation look.

This red chiffon scarf has been such a great addition to my collection, I wear it often and change up the feel of my outfit with this great little accessory.

Wearing the same red chiffon scarf in Paris. There is something so romantic about wearing a scarf in your hair, especially while you are in Europe.

A girls night out. I felt this outfit needed a little RED so adding the red hair scarf was an easy decision.

For PRIDE month it only made sense to accessorize in the most fabulous way possible. Rainbows and of course, the red chiffon scarf.

This piece of red ribbon has been a staple in my fashion wardrobe especially during the holiday season. I found this ribbon at Michaels.

This American Flag scarf was found at a local Dollar store. It was a fun festive way to incorporate an accessory for the 4th of July. A similar product can be found here on Etsy.

The Christmas Bow looking super festive. I found a pack of 2 at Walmart during the holidays. They have some bows available online but my recommendation would be to go to the store during the holiday season to snap up a variety of bow sizes.

One of my favorite headbands. Extremely comfortable and versatile. Something similar can be found here.

You can find bandanas in many places! This one was found at Target.

Another shot of the red ribbon in my hair. This ribbon was tied around an already existing hair clip that I could easily pin into my hair.

  • A staple in every wardrobe. A scarf can be worn in so many unique ways depending on your mood or personality. A silk square scarf can be worn around your neck, waist and hair. I've even seen people manipulate one into a shirt- have yet to try that. My personal go to for silk or chiffon scarves is tying them into a knot over my ponytail. The look is timeless, you can't go wrong. Sometimes the silkier scarves can slip off your ponytail if your hair is fine like mine; bobby pins will help secure it in place. If that still causes you trouble, I'd recommend a scrunchy scarf - extremely easy to use. I love how this looks on anyone - it's playful and fun, a great hair accessory to travel with as well.
Ribbons and Bows
  • Ribbons and bows are a whimsical way to add some romance to your hair styling. Some may argue ribbons and bows are just for younger kids but I don't think that should be the case. Fashion and inspiration can be found anywhere you look. If the AHA moment hits you - run with it! This year as I was shopping for some holiday decor, I stumbled upon some velvet red bows in the Christmas section at Walmart. I found a pack of two red bows for $3.00. At first, the focus was to decorate the house with the bows but I soon had my own AHA moment and thought how fun would it be to wear the bow in my hair. Especially during the holiday season, it was a very festive and resourceful way to use a holiday bow.
  • Ribbons are another wonderful and surprisingly lovely hair accessory. I found this red ribbon at Michaels and snipped it to my desired length. Then I attached the ribbon to an existing hair clip in my collection. I use this ribbon bow clip regularly in my life and I love it!
Headbands & Bandanas
  • My headband collection is massive. I'd have to guess I have 30+ headbands in my organization box. As I've gotten older, I tend to flock to a fabric/stretchy headband as they tend to be more comfortable. Most traditional plastic or metal headbands tend to hurt behind my ear and give me a headache. Fabric headbands are a great alternative if you tend to experience headaches with other headbands. The striped headband I'm wearing in one of the pictures posted is so comfortable and cute. It has this little wire in the ribbon part so you can modify the look to your liking. Last but not least, we have our traditional bandanas. These are are great multi-purpose piece of fabric that can be used in so many ways. I've enjoyed wearing my bandanas as headbands. Since my hair is finer - I need to bobby pin the bandana to my hair to keep it in place. Try it out for yourself!
  • Fabric headbands are a great alternative especially if you tend to experience headaches with a traditional headband. This striped fabric headband I'm wearing in one of my pictures has a little wire in the ribbon part so you can modify the style to your liking.
  • If you want to explore a different hair accessory bandanas are a fun way to experiment. I've enjoyed wearing my bandanas as scarves and headbands. A comfortable and cute look. Since my hair is on the finer side, I need to bobby pin the bandana to my hair for the bandana to stay put. Try it out.

Experiment with any type of hair accessory you feel most comfortable with. The sky is the limit. Let your creativity flow. Create a masterpiece with your outfit while using some fabulous accessories! Happy accessorizing to you!

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