How to Style Your Long Scarf

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I love scarves but more often than not I just throw them around my neck and hope for the best.

Now I’ve found a more stylish way to wear a scarf. It could be a long thin scarf or a square that you fold into a narrow strip.

You just don’t want a really bulky one for this styling trick.

Tools and materials:

  • Long thin scarf
Making a knot

1. Make a knot

Hold your scarf in the middle, twist it and pull one end through the loop. 

Making a knot

You should have a flattish, loose knot in the center of your scarf.

Putting scarf on

2. Wear it

Put the scarf around your neck with the knot at the front.

Crossing ends

Cross the ends over at the back and bring them forwards.

Passing ends through knot

3. Pass through

Grab each end in turn and pass them through the knot.

Passing ends through knot

Adjust them until the scarf fits comfortably around your neck.

How to style your long scarf

4. Style it

Now you get to decide how to wear it!

You could keep the knot at the front.

How to style your long scarf

Pulling the knot to one side looks chic, I always think.

How to style your long scarf

How to style your long scarf

And there’s my favorite, the “side-saddle”. Keep the knot at the side and flip one end back over your shoulder.

A scarf is a great way to finish off a fall look. It’s quick and easy to do and I’m sure you’ve got lots of scarves in your closet that you never wear. Now’s your chance!

Which look do you like best?

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Suggested materials:
  • Long thin scarf

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