7 Elegant Grace Kelly Scarf Styles to Channel Your Inner Princess

From her early days as a model to film stardom and beyond, Grace Kelly is regarded as an epitome of elegance. She could look chic in the simplest of outfits. Her minimal classic style put her in the spotlight wherever she appeared.

Whatever the occasion demanded, be it formal or casual, Grace Kelly had a repertoire of scarf styles to draw on. In this tutorial, we’re going to recreate some of her neck scarf and head scarf styles from the 1960s and 1970s.

In this tutorial, I use a square silk Hermes scarf Charreada 35” X 35”, a small silk scarf Cacharel, and some silk vintage scarves.

Grace Kelly wearing a scarf

Style 1 

Folding and crossing the scarf

1. Fold and cross

Take a large scarf and fold it so that you have a long rectangular shape. Place it over your neck, with one side slightly longer than the other. Cross the long side over the shorter one.

Tying the scarf

2. Tie

Then bring it under and out through the middle.

Spreading the top part of the scarf

3. Spread

Finish by spreading out the top part of the scarf.

How to wear a scarf like Grace Kelly

This style we begin to see more after her marriage and is the style of a powerful woman.

Style 2 

Tying a small scarf to the side

1. Tie

Take a smaller scarf and again fold it into a long rectangular shape. Place the scarf over your neck. Cross one side over the other and tie a double knot. 

Asymmetrical scarf style

2. Adjust

Adjust the scarf so that the knot is at the side of your neck for an asymmetrical look.

Style 3

Tying a longer scarf

1. Cross

Take a large scarf and fold it so that you have a long rectangular shape. Place it over your neck, cross one side over the other, and tuck the ends of both sides under your top.

Tucking a scarf into a shirt

This is minimal elegance at its best.

Style 4 

Crossing and tying the scarf

1. Cross and tie

Take a large scarf and fold it so that you have a long rectangular shape. Place it over your neck, cross the long side over the shorter one, then bring it under and out through the middle.

Tightening the knot

Finish by tightening the knot.

Simple, easy-to-wear scarf style

As is evident from the pictures, Grace Kelly’s neck scarves never had complicated knots; they were always simple, easy to wear, and looked incredibly elegant.

Grace Kelly wearing a scarf in Mogambo

Grace Kelly wore scarves in movies as well as in real life. In 1953, she starred in her third film Mogambo with Ava Gardner. I noticed the same headscarf in the pictures with Alfred Hitchcock. Was it her own scarf, or did the studio gift it to her?

Grace Kelly using a scarf as a makeshift sling

This improvised sling was made using a Hermes scarf, and we see this scarf used on other occasions. I think it was one of her favorite scarves; she had it in at least two different colors. 

Grace Kelly wearing a headscarf

We must be eternally thankful to Grace for allowing us to pretend, if only for a moment, that we too may look like a famous movie star with a back-tie headscarf and sunglasses. Now I’m going to show you some headscarf styles.

Style 5

Tying a scarf around the neck

1. Tie

Take a long rectangular scarf, place it over your head and tie it under your chin.

Wearing a neck scarf like Grace Kelly

I’ve found that this style is sadly overlooked. Personally, I am going to wear it more often.

Style 6

Folding a large square scarf

1. Fold

Take a large square scarf and fold it in half to make a triangle. You don’t want it to be in half exactly, though; one side should be bigger than the other. Place the scarf over your head.

Tying a scarf under the chin

2. Tie

Tie the scarf under your chin with a double knot and finish by fanning both tails of the out.

Wearing a headscarf with sunglasses

Pop on a pair of sunglasses for a Grace Kelly look.

How to wear a headscarf like Grace Kelly

You can leave the back of the scarf hanging down like this or tuck it into your jacket or coat.

Style 7

Placing a headscarf asymmetrically

1. Fold

Take a square scarf and fold it as before. This time, however, you want to place it on your head asymmetrically, with one side longer than the other.

Crossing over the ends

2. Cross 

Cross the longer end over the shorter one.

Tying the ends at the back

3. Tie

Then bring the two sides round to the back of your head and tie them together.

Grace Kelly scarf styles

We have a long beautiful trailing end.

Grace Kelly scarf styles

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Grace Kelly neck scarf and headscarf styles. They are all very easy to achieve and don’t involve any complicated steps.

If you’re looking to add a bit of elegance to your everyday looks, why not try one of these classic silk scarf styles? It’ll do just the trick.

Let me know your favorite look in the comments below.

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