How to Wear a Scarf Ring

I've been collecting scarves for years. I have vintage scarves, thrifted scarves, and scarves I pick up as souvenirs from trips. I love the way they can jazz up an outfit with color and prints. But only recently did I discover scarf rings – little loops and slides to wear with scarves to not only hold them in place but act as jewelry.

After spotting one in a fashion photo online, I went on a hunt to find my own. I amassed a small collection of vintage scarf rings in various shapes and sizes and started experimenting with how to style them. Now I can share it with you. Here are some ideas on how to style a scarf ring.

Styling a Small Scarf Ring

Scarf rings come in various shapes and sizes. The small ones work for small or thin scarves and the bigger ones for big or thick scarves. In this demonstration, I have a small scarf ring, about the size of a hand ring that fits on my index finger. (You can also use your own hand rings as scarf rings for small scarves!) For this look, take a small square scarf, fold it in a triangle and roll it to a tube shape. Then pull it around the back of your neck so the ends are in front. Then slip each end into the scarf ring and pull it up to the length you want. If the scarf is very thin or made with slippery fabric, you may want to tie the scarf in a knot and then pull the scarf ring over to cover the knot, so it doesn't slide off.

Styling a Large or Shawl Scarf

Bigger circumference scarf rings work for your thicker scarves. For example, I have a large scarf in a jersey material. Since I love the print on this scarf (of the Northern Lights!) I like to show it off. So I used a larger scarf ring in a curved oval shape to create a look so that the ring rests on my shoulder and the scarf drapes across my top – perfect for spiffing up a plain t-shirt! Simply take the large scarf and fold it in a triangle (if it's not already shaped like one). Then slip each end through the opposite opening of the scarf ring so they crisscross inside. Position the ring so it rests to the side or on your shoulder and let the ends of the scarf drape down. The scarf should be thick enough to hold if the ring has a narrow opening. If it's not, use the knot trick to tie it and put the scarf ring over the knot to cover it, so it holds in place.

Styling Long Scarf with a Large Scarf Ring

This vintage scarf ring has a large circumference. I wasn't sure it would work with my scarves until I realized a very long scarf is perfect. Slip the scarf through to the middle of the scarf. Hold both ends of the scarf behind you, so the ring hangs like a pendant. Then crisscross the ends of the scarf behind your neck and pull to the front. Slip each scarf end through the scarf ring in opposite directions and let hang. It's like a scarf necklace!

Styling a Scarf Slide

A scarf slide looks like a belt buckle (and can double as one!) I love the '60s pop vibe of this flower-shaped one. So I pulled out a long vintage chiffon scarf. To create this look, pull the scarf around your neck so the ends are in the front. Then hold them together and pull them through, starting from the back of the slide (pull gently if it's a delicate vintage scarf!) and position where you want it. Since the scarf pulls through two openings on the slide, it should hold in place with no problem.

Now that you have some ideas for how to style a scarf ring, will you be adding one to your accessory collection?

Check out more looks I created with scarf rings and vintage and thrifted finds on my blog, and Instagram.

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  • Mabel Jacobs Mabel Jacobs on Dec 21, 2021

    Oh! I don't have scarf rings. can a real ring work as well? I'll visit Mom's old jewelry box for fab rings. maybe find something at a thrift store.

    • Kastle Waserman Kastle Waserman on Jan 10, 2022

      Yes! You can use a real ring on a thin scarf. Glad this helped inspire you!

  • Ang27991774 Ang27991774 on Aug 24, 2022

    Back in the 80's we didn't call them scarf rings. We used them to make a side knot of our long shirts. I believe we called them slides!