7 Cute Ways to Wear a Scarf on a Bag

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to wear your silk scarf with your purse.

We all know that scarves look beautiful when worn round the neck and on the head, but here I’ll be showing you how they also look great when tied to a bag. Grab a silk scarf and a bag and let’s get started!

Folding scarf

First, fold your scarf into a band. To see how exactly to fold it into a band, check out the video (0:19-0:36).

The first three looks I’m going to show you start with a folded scarf.

1. Regular knot

Regular knot bag scarf

The most common way to have a scarf on a bag is simply to tie it around one of the bag handles. 

Regular knot bag scarf

You want the knot to look nice and neat.

2. Another knot option

Another knot option

Another way to make a knot is to fire tie a knot in the scarf about ⅓ of the way in.

Then place the scarf around the bag and slide the other end of it through the hole of the knot.

Another knot option

The finished look is very similar to the first style, though the shape of the knot is slightly different.

3. Bow

Bow bag scarf

For the third style, place the scarf around one of the bag handles and tie it into a bow. Pull out either side of the bow to spread them out.

Bow bag scarf

I love how voluminous this bow is.

Regular accordion knot

The second lot of scarf styles involve a fold I call an accordion because it is folded like one in a zig-zag way.

4. Regular accordion knot

Regular accordion knot

Fold the scarf as an accordion and then tie it in the middle to your handbag.

5. Asymmetrical accordion knot

Asymmetrical accordion knot

Or you can make one end shorter for an asymmetrical look.

6. Layered accordion

Layered accordion

Another way is to make a knot in the middle of the scarf.

Then, place one end of the scarf around a handbag handle and tuck it through the hole of the knot. 

Layered accordion

This creates a beautiful layered look.

Layered accordion

7. The bee

The last type of fold I call ‘the bee.’

For this, you fold the scarf into a triangle, place one end through the middle of the handles and then cross the ends behind one of the handles.

The bee style

Then bring them around the handle to the front, and cross them again.

The bee style

Take the fold and put it through the hold, under the large triangle. 

The bee style

Separate the triangle part - ‘the wings of the bee,’ - and tie the short ends in a double knot in between the two layers. 

The bee style

This is a little more tricky to do than the other scarf styles but the end result looks really interesting.

Scarf on bag ideas

I hope you enjoyed these seven different ways that you can wear a scarf with a handbag. Let me know your favorite down in the comments below.

A scarf makes a gorgeous accessory on a bag and I hope you’ll give these looks a try.

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