19 Silk Scarf Outfit Ideas: How to Wear a Silk Scarf in Different Ways

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you 19 ways to style a silk scarf. A silk scarf, for me, is a summer essential, and when you have something like this that you love, you want to get as much use out of it as possible. So here are lots of different styling ideas; I hope you enjoy these silk scarf outfits!

Wearing a silk scarf as triangle top

1. Triangle wrap

First up, we have a really simple look, and there is not much to explain. You simply fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your chest and tie it up at the back.

Wearing a silk scarf as tube top

2. Boob tube

The second look is basically the same as the previous one, but I’ve just tucked the bottom corner up underneath, revealing a bit of stomach at the bottom.

Wearing a silk scarf as tie-front top

3. Tied

For the next style, you need to carefully fold your scarf, wrap it around you and double knot it at the front. I love how this looks a bit like a bow.

How to style a silk scarf as a top

4. Tied and tucked

This is just a variation of the previous look; I’ve just tucked the hanging fabric under on both sides.

How to wear a silk scarf for summer

5. Asymmetric

To achieve this look, fold your scarf in half, then bring the corners up from under your armpit over one of your shoulders and tie it up.

Different ways to wear a silk scarf

6. Covered

This next style provides the most coverage. Fold your scarf in half and tie a knot in the two thin sides. Then place that over your neck, so it’s a bit like a bib.

Pull out both sides of the scarf at the front, making sure they are crossed over, knot it around your back, and tuck the top into your pants.

Halter-neck silk scarf outfit

Wearing a silk scarf with a necklace

7. Necklace

For the next one, you also need a chunky necklace. Simply pull your scarf through the necklace and knot it at the back. Then pull the two sides of the scarf out so that it covers your chest.

Silk scarf styles

8. Sleeved

For the next look, you want to make a triangle and wrap the sides over your arms. Then, with the ends, pull them through and tie them up at the back.

Elegant silk scarf outfit

9. Halter neck

This is very similar to look 6, you tie the scarf around your neck like a bib, but instead of crossing over the scarf, you simply tie it at the back and tuck it in.

How to wear a long silk scarf

10. Crossover 1

This next scarf I’m using is much longer and has a more rectangular shape. For this look, I’ve put the scarf over my neck and then have crossed the sides over and tied them at the back.

Crossed silk scarf outfit

How to tie a silk scarf as a top

11. Crossover 2

This one is similar to the previous one but done in a bit of a different way. I brought the scarf around my back, crossed it over at the front, and then tied the ends around my back. Here, the halter-tie part is a little bit thinner.

Ways to wear a silk scarf as a top

Cross-tie silk scarf outfit

12. Crossover tie

This look is the same as the previous, but instead of having the ends dangling down at the front, I’ve tied them up at the back.

Sexy silk scarf outfit

13. Deep cut

This next look is so easy. You just put the scarf over your neck and tuck the ends into your pants. You can use some double-sided tape to keep it in place or wear a top underneath for a bit more coverage.

How to knot a silk scarf to wear it as a top

14. Twisted tie

Tie the scarf at the front like so, then bring the ends up around your neck and tie them together. It’s super simple and cute.

Black silk scarf top

Wearing a silk scarf as a one-shoulder top

15. One-shoulder

Wrap one pair of ends over your waist and the other over your shoulder.

How to wear a silk scarf as a bandana

16. Bandana

From the tops, I’m moving on to some other ways to style a silk scarf. Here I’m wearing a bandana in a pirate style - across my forehead with the ends hanging down.

How to wear a silk scarf in a braid

17. Plaited

Here, I have braided the scarf into my hair. I just made a knot on the top over my hair tie and weaved it in, finishing with one more hair tie at the bottom.

How to wear a silk scarf as a hairband

18. Hairband

In this look, I’m wearing the silk scarf as a hairband. I rolled the scarf up to make it thin and then tied it at the side of my hair with all of my hair pushed back. This will add a romantic vibe to any outfit.

Green silk scarf

19. Bag

Lastly, I’m using the scarf as a bag. This is not super practical, but it is cute. You just tie the two ends of the scarf together as shown, and you have a fun little summer accessory.

How to turn a silk scarf into a bag

Silk scarf outfit ideas

Silk scarf outfit ideas

And that is 19 ways to style a silk scarf! Who would have believed there were so many? I like to think of my scarf as origami. You can fold, twist and tie it in so many ways and create so many different things with it. Which look was your favorite?

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