Three Different Ways to Wear the Same Silk Scarf

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford

I have a new favourite piece in my wardrobe this season and it's a beautiful silky scarf with an orange, blue, and brown floral pattern. It pairs with so many pieces already in my closet so I'm finding a ton of different way to wear it. I found mine at Winners, so I can't find the exact version online, but I've found this option and this option that are close in colour scheme. Here are three ways that I've styled this scarf.

First, I added it to my purse for a pop of colour. It's rectangular and quite long, so to shorten it up to avoid having it drag on the floor I knotted it around the strap of my bag. Then I simply tied it into a bow and I was ready to go. I love how the brown in the scarf paired so well with my brown leather bag, making a super casual outfit a little more chic.

Second, I folded it and wore it as a scarf top. To simplify this process, fold your scarf into a triangular shape, then knot at your back or around your bra strap. These tops stay in place surprisingly well if you knot them securely. Now that it's a bit chillier out, you would likely want to add a blazer, cardigan, or coat to complete this look. I just paired it with my favourite leather pants since the beginning of fall was so warm here in Vancouver.

For the final example of a way to wear this scarf, I added it to a ponytail. I wanted to elevate the look of my plain hairstyle and tied the scarf, then knotted it at the top of my ponytail. It was the perfect way to tie in with the colour of the top I was wearing. I added boots and a leather skirt to finish this look off and loved the added detail from the scarf.

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