How to Create a Trendy Flower Scarf + 4 Easy Ways to Tie It

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5 Minutes

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a breathtaking scarf flower as well as 4 ways to wear it. Simply follow along with this step-by-step tutorial. Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Large, square silk scarf
Tying ends

1. Make a triangle and tie the ends

Fold a large scarf into a triangle. Then tie the ends in a double knot with minimal material for the tails.

2. Place the scarf on your arm and bring one end through

Place the knot on your arm and then grab the corner that’s under that arm and pull it through the opening to meet the other corner. 

Crossing ends

3. Cross the ends 

Cross those ends once.

Crossing ends

Then cross them again.

Pulling tail through

4. Pull a tail through to move the knot

Pull the tail that’s closer to the knot through the opening that’s under the knot. This will slip the knot portion to the center. 

Pulling tails

5. Pull the tails 

Now, pull at either end slowly until…


…a flower magically appears!


Now that you’ve learned how to tie a silk scarf to look like a flower, allow me to suggest a few ways to style it:

1. Around the waist

This silk scarf looks so feminine tied at the waist over a little black dress!

Look 1: Around the waist

2. As jewelry

Tie the silk scarf gently around your neck as a statement necklace.

Look 2: As jewelry

3. On your head

Wear this silk scarf flower on your head for another fresh look. You can leave the band portion as is: 

Look 3: On your head

Or you can twist the band for another stylish detail:

Look 3: On your head

4. Accessorize your handbag

Last but not least, tie it to your handbag for a chic detail. Just tie it well so as not to lose this beauty!

Look 4: Accessorize your handbag

Ways to tie a scarf

This way to tie a scarf is very versatile–just look how many styles we created!

As you can see from this scarf flower tutorial, a silk scarf doesn’t have to only be worn on your head.

For more creative ways to tie a silk scarf, check out my post on 3 Classy Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf Around Your Neck.

Suggested materials:
  • Large, square silk scarf

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