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I am notorious for either breaking every pair of sunglasses I own or losing them. Anyone else? I can’t be the only one with this issue. So, because of this, I have never invested in expensive pairs. Just anything I feel comfortable tossing in a purse or wearing in the lake. And, thanks to a few trusted brands, I don’t have to sacrifice style or cuteness. Here are my current favorite pairs:

OVERSIZED STATEMENT SUNGLASSES: This is a fairly new-to-me brand, but I will continue to stock up when they have sales, because they are SO GOOD! I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I got these for less than $40. While I did snag them on sale, their normal ticket price was only $55. When you try these on, you’ll be shocked they aren’t designer. They feel so thick and high-quality, and the styles are always trendy. If this is still a bit cheap for you -- or you just love a good deal -- keep your eye on their website for a BOGO free sale, which they do pretty often.

RETRO CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES: I got this pair last summer and still love the subtle cat-eye style. It’s not too over the top where I feel like I can’t wear them for daily errands, but it adds just a little bit of spice. Plus, the black/grey leopard print is super cute. I tend to throw this pair in my bag when I’m headed out to brunch or for a day date.

BLACK ROUND SUNGLASSES: This brand has become one of my favorites, and it’s available on Amazon. They have a variety of styles -- from basic to statement pairs -- and all are around the same $15 price point. I had this style in the tortoise pattern, but bought the plain black pair when I lost my first pair in the lake (told you, this happens). I love the round shape of these and the little detail of hidden frames that make these look so chic. 

Do you have a favorite brand or retailer to shop for sunglasses? If so, let me know in the comments!

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