3 Best Hacks for Hair Growth Using Rosemary Oil

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Today, I’ll be sharing with you three ways you can use rosemary oil for maximum hair growth.

Using rosemary oil is one of the best hacks for hair growth, and you can find it very easily in stores.

Tools and materials:

  • Rosemary oil
Applying rosemary oil

1. Use it as a pre-poo

Using rosemary oil as a pre-poo is easy. Focus it on your scalp first, then do a scalp massage because no oil on your scalp without a scalp massage is beneficial. 

Applying rosemary oil

Then, you can go ahead and put the rosemary oil on the rest of your hair.

Put your hair in twists or any protective style you want, and you can leave the oil in overnight until you wash it in the morning.

Applying rosemary oil

2. Use it as a scalp treatment

All you have to do is use rosemary oil on your scalp. I find that I can be the most consistent with this method.

Just put some on your fingertips and apply it through your hair, then give yourself a scalp massage. It’s that easy.

Applying rosemary oil

3. Mixing it in your shampoo

Incorporate a couple of drops of rosemary oil into your shampoo oil during your wash day.

Essential oils always have to be diluted into another carrier oil or something else, so mixing rosemary oil into shampoo works really well.

The only thing you need to remember to do is to leave your shampoo on your hair a minute longer on the last wash. 

Best hacks for hair growth using rosemary oil

These are my best hacks for hair growth! Let me know which one is most useful to you down below.

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  • Rosemary oil

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