How to DIY Rosemary Water for Extreme Hair Growth

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You only need one ingredient to be used once a week for massive hair growth, and it’s rosemary.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does rosemary water grow hair?”, now is your chance to find out.

I’ll be sharing my DIY rosemary water for hair recipe and how exactly you can use this rosemary water for hair growth. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Fresh rosemary
  • Pot
  • Water
  • Jar/applicator bottle
  • Heat cap
Rosemary in water

Rosemary water recipe

1. Submerge fresh rosemary in water

Break rosemary stems and put them in distilled or mineral water.

You can use tap water, but it won’t be as effective because tap water usually contains chemicals.

Make sure you put enough water to submerge the rosemary but don’t fill the pot unless you’re making this for a lot of people as this does go bad very quickly.

You can keep it in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Boiling rosemary

2. Boil

Bring the rosemary to a boil.

A foamy substance should form on the top and once it starts to look purple, or a little red or brown, then you’ll know most of the nutrients and beneficial ingredients have been drawn out.

Leave to boil for another minute, then turn off the heat.

Allowing rosemary water to cool

3. Let it cool

Place the lid on the pot and leave it to cool. 

Rosemary water

The water should have a brown, red color and it’s done!

Decanting rosemary water

4. Decant

Strain and decant into a glass jar and store in the fridge. 

Decanting rosemary water

For immediate use, decant into an applicator or spray bottle.

I filled half of my applicator bottle with rosemary water and then the other half with plain water since it’s very potent.

Rosemary water application 

Prepping hair

1. Prep your hair 

You want to apply it on freshly-washed and dry-ish hair. Use a t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair so it’s still damp but not dripping wet.

When your hair is wet, it absorbs the products better. I also put a little conditioner in my hair to ensure it didn’t get super dry before application. 

Applying rosemary water

2. Apply the rosemary water to your scalp

You can apply the rosemary water however you want, but this is my suggested order.

Start by applying it to your scalp first, because while it does have amazing benefits for the hair shaft, it has even more benefits on the scalp. 

Applying rosemary water

Make sure that your scalp and all of the hair closest to your scalp is completely saturated in rosemary water.

Applying rosemary water

3. Apply the rosemary water to the hair shaft

Put a generous amount all over your hair shaft. Just squeeze it out all over your hair.

It’s slightly messy since this is water, so wear something black or dark to avoid any stains from the red/brown coloring.

Applying rosemary water

4. Apply the rosemary water to your ends

Soak the ends with the rosemary water. Since your ends are the oldest and most prone to damage, make sure to focus a little extra product there. 

Applying rosemary water

5. Work it in

Work the product all throughout your hair until it’s perfectly saturated.


Applying rosemary water

Repeat these steps in four different sections, tucking away the finished hair by putting it in a loose twist.

Massaging scalp

6. Massage your scalp

Massage the product into your scalp to ensure it’s thoroughly incorporated.

I finished the entire bottle and put a little extra on my edges before massaging it all in.

Going under heat

7. Go under the heat

Go under heat for 20-30 minutes. If it’s too hot, put a towel or beanie over the bag. Then, continue with your regular wash day.

Benefits of rosemary water

Rosemary is one of the most highly researched DIYs for hair growth.

It’s been compared to minoxidil and rogaine, researched medical products proven to help with hair growth in both men and women. It’s said to work even better or to be just as effective.

Regardless of your curl pattern or hair texture, it’ll make your hair longer, stronger, shinier, and healthier. Here’s how.

It increases circulation on your scalp, decreases hair loss, and promotes scalp health. To make your hair grow, it inhibits hormones that can create hair loss such as DHT and testosterone. It also dilates blood vessels to send more oxygen and nutrients to your scalp to increase hair growth.

Consult with your physician or dermatologist if you’re on hair growth medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have any other medical condition, such as high blood pressure, before using.

I also recommend testing it out on your skin before applying it to your hair in case you’re allergic or have some reaction.

DIY rosemary water for hair growth: Long hair

DIY rosemary water for hair

DIY rosemary water for hair is hands down the best DIY out there.

Here’s the current length of my hair. It’s doing so well and growing so fast!

Let me know your experience with rosemary for hair growth down below and check out my post on How to Make an Easy Clove Oil for Extreme Hair Growth.

Suggested materials:
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Pot
  • Water
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  • Kate Kate on Apr 29, 2023

    How often can you do this ?

  • Carol Carol on Jun 19, 2023

    Hi I've been using the rosemary tea (water and rosemary) for six months --I was starting to get male pattern baldness haha I have new hair growth -- I use it every morning rub into scalp for a minute or two and finished. I may try the oily one along with my daily dose of tea for conditioning.