Get in the Mood for LOVE With This Black & White Valentine's Nail Art

by ImGirlYouDontKnow
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February is the month of love, and what better way to honor the occasion with a set of gorgeous black and white Valentine's nails?

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you a unique way to create these short Valentine's nails designs in no time! So, get your nail polish and tools out, and let’s fall in love!

Tools and materials:

  • Black and white nail polish
  • Black and white striper polish
  • Rhinestones
  • Studs
  • Ziplock bag
  • Scissors
  • Top coat
  • Tweezers
Applying black and white nail polish

1. Apply nail polish

Start by applying your base coat. Then, apply white nail polish to your nails except for your index finger, which will be black. 

How to do black and white nail art

2. Create lines

Using a thin white nail brush or striper polish, apply horizontal and diagonal lines on your index finger. Start by painting the horizontal lines, and starting from the bottom, paint diagonal nails all across. 

Using black striper polish on a white nail

With a black striper, create horizontal lines on your thumb and pinky fingers. 

Painting black nail polish onto a Ziplock bag

3. Create the letters

Now, it’s time to add some flavor to your Valentine's Day nails! Take a clean Ziplock bag, and apply black nail polish onto it in a block shape. Set it aside and wait for it to dry completely. 

Tip: Add a fast drying top coat to cut down on waiting time. 

Peeling the dry polish off the Ziplock bag

Once the nail polish is dry, go ahead and peel it off. It’s best to use tweezers for this step. 

Cutting out letters from the dry nail polish

With sharp scissors, cut the letters L O V E and make sure they will fit your nail. 

Applying top coat and sticking the letters

Next, apply a top coat and carefully place the letters using a dotting tool. 

Filling the O with white nail polish

Add white nail polish in the middle of the “O”. 

Adding decorations to the nails

Applying studs and jewels to nails

4. Add studs

Another great Valentine's nail idea is to add some sparkle and studs. To take your manicure to the next level, go ahead and add some nail embellishments. Be sure to apply a blob of top coat before applying. 

Sealing the Valentine's nails with top coat

5. Add a top coat

Now, finish off with a top coat and your Valentine’s Day nails are complete!

Black and white Valentine’s nails

Black and white Valentine’s nails tutorial

What do you think of these fun black and white Valentine's nails? I love how easy and fun the process is, and the studs really give it an edgier vibe.

This is one of my favorite Valentine's nails designs since it’s not the conventional red or pink color; it’s truly different. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Suggested materials:
  • Black and white nail polish
  • Black and white striper polish
  • Rhinestones
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