2 Ways to Make DIY Lace-Up T-Shirts That Totally Revamp Your Clothes

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you guys how to revamp oversized t-shirts. You can easily transform a mundane t-shirt into a DIY lace-up t-shirt in minutes!

This is especially great if you have a bunch of barely-worn t-shirts lying around. Keep reading to see how to make a lace-up shirt in two different ways with this fantastic upcycle tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • T-shirts
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Eyelet tool
  • Eyelets
  • Bias tape
  • Fabric glue

DIY lace-up t-shirt tutorial 1

Marking and measuring the new v-neck neckline

1. Mark and measure

For the first t-shirt, mark where you want the v-neck to end. Then, you pinch that point, as shown. 

Cutting out the v-neck

2. Cut out a v-shape

Then, turn it on its side and cut out a v-shape. 

Cutting the excess fabric

Cut the excess from the neckline. Be careful not to cut off the collar area as this holds the shape together. 

Placing bias tape along the raw edges

3. Place bias tape

Next, place bias tape around the raw edges and cut to size. 

Attaching the bias tape with fabric glue

Add some fabric glue to the bias tape. Also, place a scrap piece of paper inside the t-shirt to avoid messy mistakes. Glue down the bias tape. 

Marking where the grommets will go

4. Add grommets

Mark where you want your grommets to be placed on your new lace-up t-shirt. I measured mine in 1-inch increments. 

Punching holes through the bias tape

Use an eyelet tool to punch holes through the bias tape. 

Attaching the grommets

How to make a lace-up t-shirt with eyelets

Insert your eyelets and use the same tool to press them down in place. Repeat on the remaining holes. 

Making a lace-up graphic t-shirt

5. Feed the cord through

This lace-up graphic t-shirt is almost complete. Now, take some cord and feed it through the eyelets with a criss-cross method. 

Tying off the ends of the lace-up cord

Tie off the ends and hide them behind the t-shirt. 

Folding and pinning the t-shirt sleeves

6. Fold and stitch your sleeves (optional)

For a finishing touch, carefully fold your sleeves to your desired length and hand stitch each side in place. 

DIY lace-up graphic t-shirt

What do you think of the edgy DIY lace-up t-shirt? I love the neckline lace; it gives a unique vibe and detail to this otherwise normal t-shirt.

Now, let’s move on to the second tutorial on how to lace up a t-shirt on the bottom section. 

DIY lace-up t-shirt tutorial 2

Marking and measuring where the lace will go

1. Mark and measure

From the side of your t-shirt, mark where you want the lace-up detail to begin. Make sure the measurements are the same and are symmetrical on both sides. 

Preparing the bias tape

2. Add bias tape

Glue some bias tape together, so you land up having a thick, double layer. Make sure it’s the same size as the fold you created.

Gluing the bias tape to the t-shirt

Then, glue it down to the side. 

Adding grommets for the lace-up detailing

3. Add grommets

Just as in the first lace-up t-shirt tutorial, punch holes with your eyelet tool, as shown. Mark and measure where you want each grommet to be placed, too. 

T-shirt with grommets

Then, add the grommets. 

How to lace-up a t-shirt

4. Add the lace-up cord

Lace-up the t-shirt from top to bottom. 

Folding the sleeves ready to sew

5. Fold and sew the sleeves (optional)

Fold the sleeves and stitch accordingly. 

White DIY lace-up t-shirt

That’s it! It’s so easy to make this DIY lace-up t-shirt. I love the front detail, and it really transforms a boring and plain t-shirt into something fitted and flattering.

DIY lace-up t-shirt tutorial

Thanks for joining me on this quick and straightforward tutorial. Let me know which DIY lace-up t-shirt style you like the most. 

Suggested materials:
  • T-shirts
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
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