Heart On Your Sleeve Stamped T’s and Cards

Valentine’s Day is such a great excuse for crafting! In our last post, we made fun  DIY gifts for our Galentine’s friends. Today’s post, however, is all about making your own holiday gear! I used a favorite paint stamping technique to give a plain T-shirt some “heart”! You can use this same method to create looks for different holidays and seasons! (Find more projects like this on our blog at partnersincraft.com and on our Youtube channel!) This project is perfect for gift making, but be sure to make some for YOU too!

Begin by gathering the supplies for your heart stamp. I used tiny foam hearts from the kid’s craft section, a plastic soda cap, and my trusty E6000 glue. (While making the stamp, you can wash and dry your T-shirt. This ensures that the shirt won’t shrink too much after being painted!)

I used two matching hearts for this stamp.

I glued the first heart to the cap, then glued the second heart right on top of the first heart. I did this in order to add a little bit of thickness to the heart. Later on, this will make it easier to apply paint to the heart without getting paint on the cap.

The edges of the hearts wanted to curl up, so I placed a plate on top of the stamp while the glue dried.

Once you’ve made your stamp, you are ready to choose your paint colors! I used a small paint brush to cover the stamp with a thin layer of paint. I then inverted the stamp onto the shirt and pressed down lightly! Carefully lift up the stamp, and there you have a heart! (For more details on this process, check out  this video about stamping a sweatshirt from our Youtube channel! 

I chose rainbow colors for my T-shirt since I love the color combination and because I wanted to make the shirt multi-seasonal! Ta-DA!

Those rainbow hearts helped brighten a super rainy day!

These earrings from  last week’s post were the perfect accessory! Guess I have to keep this pair for myself. 😉

Before cleaning up my supplies, I used leftover paint to stamp hearts onto plain cards!

I *love* the rainbow colors against the brown cards! Will definitely save some of these for Valentine’s Day!

Ok, Partners in Craft, get out there and brighten someone’s day with some paint and stamps! Go ahead and put your “heart” into it! 😉 Be sure to subscribe and follow our Youtube channel for more bright and fun craft projects coming your way soon! Stay crafty, Everyone! 🙂

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