How to Cut T-shirts Into Tank Tops & Halter Tops in a Few Easy Steps

by Unorthodoll
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In this DIY, I’m going to show you how to cut t-shirts into tank tops. I have three t-shirt cutting designs and I’ll walk you through each of them step-by-step. This DIY is so easy and doesn’t require any sewing, we’re simply going to transform the t-shirts into different styles by cutting them.

Tools and materials:

  • One oversized t-shirt
  • Two tight-fitting t-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
T-shirt before the cropped tank top DIY

Cropped tank top

Marking the t-shirt at the shoulders

1. Mark the t-shirt

Put your oversized t-shirt on inside-out and mark the edge of your shoulders. Then remove the top, lay it flat, and make sure your marks are even. 

Cutting off the sleeves

2. Cut off the sleeves

Starting at your shoulder marks, cut off the sleeves, following the shape of the seam.

Cutting off the collar

3. Cut off the collar

Starting with a small hole, carefully cut off the collar.

Cropping the t-shirt

4. Shorten the top

Grab one of the sleeves, line it up with the bottom of the armhole, and mark the length. Cut your shirt at least this long.

How to cut a t-shirt into a tank top

Here is the finished look! I love the new cropped design.

T-shirt before the racerback tank top DIY

Racerback tank top

Marking the collarbone area

1. Mark your collarbone

Take one of your tight-fitting t-shirts, put it on inside out and mark where your collarbone meets the collar of the shirt. 

Drawing a curved line below the sleeve

2. Draw a line

Lay the shirt flat and draw a curved line from below the sleeve to your collar marks on each side.

Cutting the t-shirt from under the sleeve

3. Cut the t-shirt

Start cutting from underneath the sleeve through both layers, stopping at the collar.

Flipping the collar over and cutting

Flip the collar over and continue to cut on the back layer. Be careful not to cut through the collar. Cut around the collar to finish removing the sleeve and repeat on the other side.

Folding the armhole inwards

If you have extra space on the sides, grab the bottom of the armhole and fold it inwards.

How to make a halter top out of a t-shirt

Here is the finished racerback tank top. I love the shape of it!

T-shirt before the convertible halter top

Convertible halter top

Marking the t-shirt neckline

1. Mark the t-shirt

Put the t-shirt on inside out and mark how low you want the neckline. Then mark how deep you want the open back.

Drawing a v-neck neckline

Lay the shirt out flat and draw a v-neck using your neckline mark and the edge of your collar. 

Cutting the new neckline

2. Cut the t-shirt

Then, cut out the new neckline on the top layer.

Cutting off the collar

Then continue cutting the rest of the collar off in the back.

Drawing a curved line at the back

3. Draw a line

Flip the shirt over, and starting from the bottom of the sleeve, draw a curved line through your back mark connecting to the other side.

Cutting out the back layer

4. Cut the back layer

Put your hand inside the shirt and cut through the back layer only.

Cutting the sleeves

5. Cut the sleeves

Turn the shirt back and carefully start cutting around the sleeves.

Marking where the straps go

6. Mark the straps

Flip the shirt again so that it’s backside up. If the armholes are still attached to the back, cut these pieces. Next, fold the top part of the back upward and lay it flat, you will use this fabric to create the straps. Draw out the straps.

Cutting the straps

7. Cut the straps

Proceed to cut out the middle part.

Stretching the straps

8. Stretch

Last but not least, stretch the straps.

How to make a halter top out of a t-shirt

Back of the DIY halter top

Here are two different ways to style this halter, but I’m sure you can find some more. The first way is to twist each strap inwards until tight, then tie them behind your neck.

How to convert the DIY halter top

Another way is to cross the straps in front and then tie them behind the neck.

How to cut t-shirts into tank tops

How to cut t-shirts into tank tops and halter tops

I hope you enjoyed learning three different ways that you can transform your t-shirts. They are all so easy to achieve and don’t require any sewing at all.

Let me know which one is your favorite style in the comments below - the cropped tank top, the racerback tank top, or the convertible halter top.

Suggested materials:
  • One oversized t-shirt
  • Two tight-fitting t-shirts
  • Scissors
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