How to Make a Top Using a Man’s T-Shirt as Fabric

2 Hours

I love to sew my own clothes. I also love men’s t-shirts and unless I’m working in the yard or on a home improvement project, I do like things a bit more feminine. Finding really good knit t-shirt fabric (in nice colors) is a chore within itself. I came up with an easy and inexpensive solution… I can make a top using a man’s t-shirt as fabric for a fraction of the cost of buying the fabric!

I use men's t-shirts because they are of great quality and very inexpensive! There are tons of colors – even pinks and lavenders!

I start off by washing and drying all of the t-shirts. Next, I cut the neck band out, and cut the sleeves out. I cut across the shoulder seam to open the shirt and have it lay flat. Most t-shirts have no side seams and this is definitely an advantage! (I use size 3XL)

I chose one of my favorite patterns for a shirt, one specifically for knit fabric is best, and pin the pattern on the t-shirt as I normally would pin it on other fabric. (In the photos, I am cutting out two tops at the same time!)

I use the t-shirt sleeves for the sleeve on my new shirt, and open it up by cutting it apart at the seam.

If the pattern has neck binding, sometimes I have to get a bit creative with the piecing for the binding but it always works in the end!

This particular t-shirt had a pocket on the front. I find it is too much trouble to remove the pocket… No matter how careful I am about picking the stitches out, there will always be holes left by the stitching. In this project, I decided to leave the pocket and incorporate it into the new shirt. For this particular pattern I am using, I could not leave the pocket on the front of the shirt so I used it for the back! (A pocket on the back could be really handy for a music device or a phone especially when hiking!!)

I sewed the new shirt together as normal, according to the pattern directions. I may also add a design using heat transfer vinyl to the pocket on the back!

That is all there is to it – so easy, inexpensive, and I now have several shirts that are comfy, feminine, and colorful!

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