Mystery Holey Tees to Ballerina Tutu Tops...So Sew Easy and Fun!

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There has been a major mystery in our house...The Mysterious Case of Holey Tees in the Belly Area...BUT...only My Tees and My Husband's Tees have the Holes at the Belly...Our Teenage Daughters' Tees DO NOT HAVE HOLES.

I assumed the HOLES were from the Washer and/or Dryer...but WHY ONLY the Parents' Tees...Not the Girls??? And since I wash/dry all the clothes was just so weird...

Then a TikTok Video may have Solved the Mystery...The Holes in Cotton Tees at the Belly may come from STANDING AT THE SINK AND WASHING DISHES!

The constant rubbing of the cotton tee shirt fabric against the counter edge wears down the fabric causing HOLES. And YES, the Girls Rarely Do the Dishes...Mystery may have been Solved.

But What About All the Still Perfectly Good Tees and these BELLY HOLES?

Let's Create an Easy to Sew Ballerina Tutu Top To Hide the HOLES!

Ready - Let's Go!!!

How To Make a Ballerina Tutu Top:

Materials: Cotton Tee Shirt...with or without "belly holes".

Fabric of Your Choice...I used Cotton Flannel that I had on hand...but something a bit more flowy and tutu-like would be perfect.

The Fabric will be the Ruffle at the Bottom of the Tee.

Step 1: Cut the fabric into a long strip. The width of the fabric will be the width of the ruffle.

Step 2: Sew the fabric to create one big tube.

The Length of the fabric should fit around the circumference of the tee 1.5 times.

Step 3: Sew a hem on the fabric. This will be the bottom of the ruffle.

Very Neat and Tidy.

Step 4: Ruffle the Top of the Fabric.

With large stitches, sew one seam along the top of the fabric.

Step 5: Create the Ruffle...Gently pull the threads to gather/ruffle the fabric. This is your Tutu-look.

Step 6: Fold over the Tee hem to encase and hide the HOLES. This will be the border of the tee and where the ruffle will attach to.

Step 7: Pin and Stitch the Tee Hem.

Neat and Tidy. Perfect.

Step 8: A little Tricky...Stay with Me...Place the Hem of the Tee (wrong side of tee) Over the Gathered Top of the Ruffle Fabric (right side of the ruffle fabric).

Pin in place.

The Tee Will Sit On Top of the Tutu Fabric Ruffle.

Sew the Tee Top to the Ruffle.

The Inside of the Tutu Tee.

The Outside of the Tutu Tee...



Cute and Very Sassy!

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton Tee   (Lands End)
  • Flannel Fabric   (Joann's)

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  • Maggie Ann Maggie Ann on Jun 05, 2022

    All I could think of was cats . . .they love "making biscuits" on any soft surface, so I have plenty of not-so-mysterious holes in the belly area of some of my shirts, lol.

  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Jun 05, 2022

    Hi Maggie - Cats...hmm...that's an interesting theory! Could be! Thanks for sharing! Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!