Summer Shell Tee - Statement Piece! Fun to Wear! So Easy to Do!

2 Materials
30 Minutes

I Love Shells! I Love Everything about Shells - the look, feel, texture, color, and even salty sea air smell. Just Perfect...even the Broken Ones.

But Shells Worn as Jewelry aren't the Easiest to Wear...kind of Clunky on the Wrist and Heavy around the Neck...

Maybe There's a Better and More Interesting Way to Celebrate Summer and Shells...

Introducing the Summer Shell Tee!

This Pale Oatmeal Cotton V-Neck Tee is Ready for a Reformation...

Similar Tee...Amazon LINK.

The Trick is to Hand Sew the Shells on the Collar Neckline of the Tee. The Collar of the Tee is Double Thickness and Will be able to Handle the Weight of the Shells without Ripping or Tearing the Tee.

Step 1: Design the Shell Tee - Select the Shells for the Tee.

If You Don't Have Your Own Collection of Shells...Or Live Far from a Beach - Try Shells (with holes) from Amazon... LINK.

Find Shells with Holes Positioned so that the Shells Will Hang Properly on the Tee.

For this Tee - 3 Shells are Perfect!

Step 2: Hand Sew the Shells onto the Tee. For a monochromic look, select Thread the Color of the Shells and the Tee.

Begin with the Center Piece - Hand Sew at the V-Point of the Tee.

Sew by beginning on the Inside of the Collar, Pierce the Collar to the Front of the Tee, Go Up Through the Shell Hole, and Back Over the Top of the Collar.

Continue Sewing Over and Under, until the Shell sits securely on the Tee.

Inside View of the Sewing...

Step 3: Continue Hand Sewing the Shells around the Collar of the Tee.

Sew Over and Under the Collar to Secure the Shell to the Tee.

Finish the Sewing...All 3 Shells in Place.

Modeled on the Mannequin...

And on the Beach Girl. icon Have Fun!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton V-Neck Tee   (Amazon)
  • Shells   (Amazon or Your Own Collection)

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