Turn Your Silk Scarf Into a STUNNING Work Top!

This post is perfect for anyone with a cute silk scarf that has a nice print they love. I know some ways to wear a scarf can be a little revealing and show skin, but all FOUR ways I am about to show you are work appropriate and very conservative.

Save this post for the next time you need an idea for what to wear. This is how to stretch your closet, using one piece of fabric multiple times in different ways.

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Fold your scarf into a triangle. Put the middle point around your shirt’s top button and tie the other two points behind your back. Now tuck in all the extra fabric into your pants.

Here’s the front and back final look.


Repeat everything from look #1 except do not tuck in the extra scarf! Leave it out of your pants and also leave your button up shirt out.


Fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Fold it long ways until it’s thin and long. Wrap it around your neck and through a ring or buckle. Here is a close up of the final look.


Fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Face the middle point down to your feet and put the straight end around your chest area. Grab the two other points behind you and tie them together. Tuck the rest of the scarf into your pants.

Here is a final look of the back!

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