How to Shop Your Own Closet to Create Cute 70s-Inspired Outfits

Today I’m shopping my closet for some really great 70s-inspired outfits. I thought that I would take some style inspiration from icons such as Diane Keaton, Diana Ross, and Jane Fonda and try to recreate their looks using the clothes I already have.

Diane Keaton 70s style

1. Diane Keaton

There are so many wonderful looks that Diane Keaton puts together. Before jumping into my closet and recreating this look, the elements that I personally will pull out of it are the effortless and relaxed silhouette.

Even though the pants, jacket, and button-up shirt have structure to them, the fit is still a little bit lived-in and I really like that. I also notice how a lot of the colors are in desaturated or less intense tones.

Another element that I love because I live in a cold climate is the element of layering. I also like the high contrast of the coat over the top of the white-colored shirt.

70's jeans outfit inspired by Diane Keaton

Now that we’ve identified these elements of style, I can actually go into my closet and see if I can reinterpret those elements using what I already have, so it feels a little bit more like me.

I went in with my black moto jacket. Because it’s wool, it has a little bit more of that lived-in quality.

I used a white button-down which is nice and crisp, and it’s a true white, so it’s going to get that nice contrast.

Then I went for some straight-leg jeans, which are a little bit more fitted but still have that relaxed feeling about them, and I tucked my shirt in. I think that the jacket’s wool texture works really nicely with the canvas texture of the denim.

To finish the look, I added some equally desaturated boots and a vintage silk scarf which brings a little bit of tension between all of these rougher textures. I really like the balance between the soft silky flow of the scarf and all of the rougher textures happening here.

Diana Ross 70s style

2. Diana Ross

Next, there are so many good pictures of Diana Ross, but I chose these three images to use as inspiration. They’re all a little bit different, but again, if we look at these three images, we can see common elements and themes throughout.

So the theme that I’m absolutely loving is the very glamorous style vibe. Even though they’re very glamorous and beautifully accessorized, none of these looks feel too fussy.

The biggest color story that I can see is that they’re all monochromatic. I definitely think that there is a use of a star accessory, and the rest of the outfit and the silhouette is kept super simple.

Speaking of silhouettes, all of Diana’s outfits are beautifully fitted to the body.

70s glam clothing inspired by Diana Ross

To create a Diana-inspired look, I started with some vintage pleated culottes and paired them with a wool sweater. I tucked the sweater in to create a little more shape, highlight the waist, and try to achieve that nicely fitted look.

The only boots that I think really work with these culottes are these black ones. I don’t mind if there’s just one black element in this all-cream monochromatic look.

To bring in the glam, I added a cocktail ring, some hoop earrings, a beautiful thin gold bangle as well as some other bangles, a creamy gold clutch, my most diva-ish sunglasses, and a vintage hat.

Jane Fonda 70s style

3. Jane Fonda

Finally, I chose this look from Jane Fonda. It’s from her earlier years, but I think it’s still a wonderful reflection of how she dresses even now.

The elements that stand out the most are the fit and flare A-line silhouette with the midi skirt; it’s just so practical, it’s easy to move in, and I like that it has a boot. I love the earthy tones of this palette.

In terms of the silhouette, there’s a really nice balance of something that has a little bit more of a clean straight line on the bottom. She’s counterbalancing that with the beautiful movement of the fringe in the bag and that nice soft t-shirt.

70s skirts and tops inspired by Jane Fonda

I don’t have a skirt like the one that she was wearing, so I styled my culottes again and added a fabulous statement belt.

Up on top, I’m wearing a nude-colored t-shirt, and the black scarf around my neck ties in with the boots.

The color almost mismatching in this outfit is not bothering me that much because it looks harmonious as a whole.

70s-inspired outfits

There we have my three 70s-inspired outfits. I hope that you were able to learn something new about how you can pick out the key elements of someone’s outfit and use them to recreate the look yourself. 

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