4 Cute Pants Outfits: How to Style Different Kinds of Pants

Tasha Julie
by Tasha Julie

Sometimes I find myself in a fashion rut; yes, even fashion bloggers can suffer from a lack of inspiration! Something that has helped me to get out of the rut is to basically resort to stop wearing jeans as frequently as I used to.

So I’m here today to show you some easy pants outfits for fashion inspiration that involve pants that are not jeans.

How to wear oversized pants

1. Oversized pants

This look plays around with the current trend of the oversized pant. I have played around with the silhouette so that the look is both rather baggy on the bottom as well as the top.

To balance out this bagginess, I always like to make sure that there is either a waist accent or something fitted somewhere in the look so that it’s not shapeless overall.

I also really like the masculine business vibe that these pants give off. 

Cute pants outfits

2. Leggings style pants

Here we have a pair of leggings-style pants because I can’t handle anything with a really rigid waistband; pants like that just feel tight, and it’s no fun. 

Shacket and camisole with pearl detailing

The little detail on this top with the pearls I think is really pretty.

It’s also an important point of personal style; whenever I put outfits together, I always like to have some element of visual interest or something that is unique to my personal style.

Again, I’m sort of playing with silhouette here - I’ve got an oversized shacket, and then the rest of the outfit is fitted.

To finish off, I’ve added some chunky shoes that are on-trend right now. I don’t really care that they’re on trend as much as the fact that they add a little bit of height for me.

Who doesn’t want to be a couple of inches taller? I know I do.

How to style faux-leather pants

3. Faux-leather pants

These pants are faux leather. To keep the whole look from getting a bit too whips-and-chains-excite-me, I’ve paired them with some subdued sneakers, a boxy white t-shirt, and a trench coat.

How to dress up leggings

4. Leggings

I can hear some of you yelling these leggings are not pants, but I think that post-pandemic, they totally are.

This is another easy, wearable pant/leggings look that you can make a little more dressed up by buttoning a blazer to give it a more fitted and tailored look.

How to style different kinds of pants

Then you can also unbutton it to make it a bit more casual. I also think this is a fun look that is inspired by Hailey Bieber's biker shorts and blazer, but it’s a little bit more polished and put together.

I’m not a huge fan of the short-length bicycle shorts outside of the gym or a fitness routine; it just doesn’t feel that classy or elegant to me.

Cute pants outfits

There we have some different pant styles as well as some cute and casual pant outfits that you can put together with them.

When you don’t feel like wearing denim, there are so many different pant styles out there waiting for you to try them out. What are your favorite pants that aren’t jeans?

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