4 Cute Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer

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by Patty's Kloset

Ever wonder how to wear wide-leg pants in the summer? What to wear with wide-leg pants in the summer? Today I’m going to show you different wide-leg pants outfit ideas to create the perfect summer outfit.

I’m such a big fan. They’re so versatile. You can for sure style them for any season.

How to wear wide-leg pants in summer

1. Green

I’m starting off with a pair of emerald green ones. It’s such a great color. This is great if you don’t want to wear those bright colors that are really trending right now. It’s not too bright but not too dull.

I’m pairing them with a white long sleeve lightweight top. I really love this deep neckline; it has this great sweetheart shape to it. I love that it gives you the option to add any kind of necklace you’d want. 

For the jewelry, I’m adding these gold earrings in an oversized stud shape. I’ve added a brown chain necklace as well. Chain necklaces are so in right now. 

For my shoes, I’ve paired my transparent heels. I feel like I pair these with most of my summer outfits. 

To finish off the look, I’ve got this cute mid-sized caramel bag. I love this bag because it gives the look a more structural feel and the gold touches provide the look with another touch of color.

Very Peri wide-leg pants outfit

2. Very Peri

This one here is for you ladies that love color. I’m obsessed with this color. It’s called Very Peri and it’s the Pantone color of the year for 2022. Super trendy! Anyone who follows me knows that I'm obsessed with this color.

I’m pairing them with a floral top. Floral print against this color just stands out and creates a cute summer outfit. This top is very similar to the first look I showed you. A poofy sleeve and sweetheart neckline: this combination is screaming summer! 

To accessorize, I went with gold hoop earrings and a pink headband. Headbands are a great look to go with if you're not a fan of big jewelry. It just gives a little extra to your outfit. 

For the shoes, I'm pairing a lilac pair of mules. I wasn't lying, I really like this color. To finish off my look, I added a cute purple bag in a croc-embossed print. 

Plaid wide-leg pants outfit

3. Plaid

I'm going to switch it up a little bit with this next look. Here, I'm going to show you a wide-leg pants outfit with a great plaid design. I wanted to show this look so you can see that really whatever your style is, you can rock the wide-leg pants look. 

These yellow plaid wide-leg pants are giving me Clueless vibes. Don’t you think? I really love the color and print, and they're great for summer


For the top, I'm pairing it with a simple white top. I definitely wanted the pants to stand out. A simple white top was more fitting for this wide-leg pant. To accessorize, I added a pair of statement earrings. Even though this top has a wide neckline, I chose not to wear a necklace to let the earrings stand out. 

What to wear with wide-leg pants in summer

For the shoes, I’m going with a pair of simple black mules with a peek-a-boo toe. The pants definitely stand out with the color and print, so I really want to let them shine. I’m pairing it with a simple black bag. 

Summer wide-leg pants outfit

4. Black

The last outfit I’m going to share with you today is a pair of black super-wide-leg pants. Now, these are no ordinary black wide-leg pants, they have a much more drastic look to them. It almost looks like a long black skirt or even a one-piece when paired with this top.

These are the only ones that I have that are an extra wide-leg. It gives off a 70’s vibe which I really love. The pockets on these are really great. It’s giving me vintage.


For the top, I’m pairing it with a pink bodysuit with statement sleeves. I wanted to have bright color to contrast with the black. This color really makes it more of a summer outfit. 

For the accessories, I went with gold statement earrings. They have these white feather tassels that pop with this pink top. For my shoes, I went with those same transparent shoes that I went with in the second look. They just fit perfectly and go with really any type of look. 

For my bag, I went with this cute little transparent bucket bag. It has cute writing on it and it’s super trendy. 

Wide-leg pants outfit ideas

So if you ever thought you can’t pull off wide-leg pants but really love the look of them, here you go a few different wide-leg pants outfit ideas. I’m sure you’re bound to find one that suits you. Let me know your favorite in the comments below.

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