How to: Style Pants 4 Different Ways

In today’s tutorial, I am going to be showing you four different ways to style these white pants I found on sale at ZARA. I fell in love with them the second I tried them on and knew that I had to show them off. So, if you guys have similar pants or are just looking for inspiration, stick around because we are about to get stylish!

Pants style


The obvious first step is the pants. Put them on, admire yourself and love them! Then, add a nice pair of black booties. I went for ones with a cute little heel also from ZARA, but anything with a similar style will work. Next, I added an oversized black sweater and tucked the bottom of the sweater into my bra. Because these pants are high-waisted, tucking the hem looks great and gives me a nice shape. Finally, I added a simple gold chain necklace for a little added detail and grabbed a beige trench coat and a black structured bag. I think this is a very polished look. It’s dressy, nice, and work appropriate. 

Styling pants

Casual and comfortable 

Outfit number two is very similar to outfit number one but still has its own personality. I traded the black sweater for a gray one to give me a lighter look, but kept the same black booties, pants, and necklace. However, I did want to add some unique detail to this outfit, so I paired the sweater with a fun white shirt underneath. Only the neckline peeks out and I think it makes for a really fun and pretty detail. Finally, I did pair this outfit with the trench coat as well, however, instead of a black bag, I went with a smaller brown one. Overall, this is a really great outfit! Not only is it stylish, but it’s comfortable too. 

Style pants

Wear it on the weekend 

For outfit number three, I wanted to do something that was monochrome - something that was all similar colors. Plus, I wanted to do something casual. To achieve this, I paired the pants with a pair of white H & M sneakers, a white t-shirt, and an open linen button-down shirt. Next, I added a trench coat and kept on the simple gold chain from before. For me, this is the perfect, casual weekend outfit. 

Easy pants style

Mix it up 

For the final look, I wanted to attempt another casual outfit. If you know me, you know I always find a way to style a band tee - and this time is no different. For this look, I paired the pants with the same white tennis shoes as before, a fun and colorful graphic tee, and a black blazer. These types of pants are pretty dressy in their nature, but you can dress them down with the right pairings (e.g. tennis shoes and graphic tees). 

Casual pants style

I love these pants because they are so versatile! A pair of heels and a blouse make them the perfect work outfit and a graphic tee with some sneakers give you a great look for Sunday brunch. Dress them up, dress them down, make them your own!  

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