How to Style 1 Maxi Skirt Into 4 Different Looks

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Spring is here! Lets celebrate by styling 1 maxi floral skirt 4 different ways! Having verstaile pieces is a great way to downsize your wardrobe and switch styles up.

The first step is finding a flowy maxi skirt that has an ELASTIC waistband. Make sure the band is stretchy enough to come up over your chest comfortably. Thinner fabric tends to work best. I chose a bold floral but any print would do. You don't need to spend a lot, I purchased my Roz & Ali skirt from Goodwill for $4. Thrift stores are a great way to get quality pieces for very little $. If thrifting isn't your thing, is a great place for thin maxi skirts under $20.

In option wear your maxi skirt as a strapless dress. Add a belt, adjust the gathers, and you are out the door.

Option #2 is adding a button-down top to option #1. Simply tuck the bottom of the shirt under itself and belt it or if you prefer, tie it in a knot. You could also replace the shirt with a blazer. This is a great option for seasonal weather.

Option #3 is making your maxi into a 1 shoulder dress.

Pull one side of the waistband over your shoulder, leaving the other side under your arm so it makes almost a diagonal line

Taking the edge of the hem from the middle, pull it up from the floor and tuck part of it into the waistband on your shoulder. The underside of the dress will be shown for the moment.

Once tucked securely, fold the top of 2 sides inward, which will create the armhole and the fabric will then drape, right side out.

The top piece will appear gathered. You can leave it as is or secure it with a ribbon or brooch. I like to secure mine so the hem will not come untucked from the waistband.

Once it is belted you can move the gathers in the skirt to cover your leg.

The 4th option is how I am wearing it for a spring party. The weather keeps going from hot to cold here so having a long skirt and sleeves is perfect for unpredictable temperatures. Bonus points that it covers my pasty white legs from winter lol. Using a Banana Republic navy button-down with white trim (thirfted years ago) pulls the colors together but also tones down the formality of a long skirt.

Let's talk accessories! I have had the white belt for years. The adorable navy & white stripe heels are by Shoe Dazzle. Nothing says spring like a floppy straw hat! I bought it last summer for $8 at an outdoor mall.

Amazon and also sell stripped hats for a reasonable price.

You have to love a swing skirt to swish around in! I already had the other pieces so this was a very inexpensive outfit. I spent $4 on the skirt and $20 on the shoes on Poshmark. Getting 4 outfits out of a $4 investment is always a great day!

Have a blessed one!


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  • $4 skirt   (Goodwill)
  • $20 heels   (Poshmark)
  • $8 hat   (Outdoor mall)
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