Can You Wear Shorts & Boots Together? These 9 Outfits Say Yes

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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In this lookbook, I’m going to show you how to style shorts and boots in three different ways. We will be looking at denim shorts, high-waisted shorts, and linen shorts. For boots, I included chunky boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots. Let me show you how I style these pieces!

Jean shorts and over-the-knee boots

1. Jean shorts and boots outfits

This first look is my favorite one. It includes over-the-knee boots, denim shorts, and on top of it all I put on a simple black tank top together with a blazer.

A belt worn over the blazer cinches in my waist. It is one of those night-out looks that will definitely get you noticed.

Jean shorts and boots

The next look includes the same shorts, but I added knee-high boots and a gorgeous blue and white button-down shirt.

I styled the shirt really casually by keeping the neck open and then only tucking one side of it in. This is a nice relaxed look that you can wear for an everyday occasion.

Cute denim shorts and boots outfit

For the third example that includes the denim shorts, I paired them with some chunky biker-style boots. I styled the shorts with a simple white button-down that I tucked in as well as a black belt.

This look gives off a bit of a tomboy, biker-girl vibe.

Styling shorts and thigh-high boots

2. High-waisted shorts and boots outfits

Next up, I have a pair of olive-colored, high-waisted shorts that have a tailored fit and look very elegant.

I styled them with over-the-knee boots and an easy white cami top. I added a black blazer to dress the outfit up a bit. This is another great night-out look.

Cute shorts and boots outfit ideas

The second look with these shorts includes my knee-high boots and a white button-down that I tucked in. For a little accessory, I added a black purse with a chain strap.

The boots have a little heel that are low enough for me to feel comfortable wearing them day-to-day.

High-waisted shorts and boots outfits

Here, I styled the shorts with chunky boots, a belt, and a black top. Again, I’m wearing the black bag with a chain strap over my shoulder, and I coordinated it with a chain-style necklace so that my accessories tie in with each other. 

Linen shorts and thigh-high boots

3. Linen shorts and boots outfits

The third pair of shorts are these beautiful beige linen ones. In this first example, I paired them with over-the-knee boots and a white button-down shirt and finished the look off with a black belt.

This outfit gives off such an effortless vibe, like you just rolled out of bed this way.

How to style shorts and boots

In the next outfit, I matched the linen shorts with a blue and white button-down shirt that is also made from linen. I love how these pieces look combined with knee-high boots and a belt.

I kept the shirt looking casual by pulling the sleeves up and keeping the neck open. This outfit gives off a clean and breezy finish.

Chunky boots and shorts

These chunky boots add a bit of edge to the linen shorts. Keeping it simple, I added a black vest top, black belt, and little black bag.

How to style shorts and boots

It’s so amazing to see how many outfit combinations you can make with shorts and boots.

I really enjoy mixing and matching the clothes in my wardrobe to create endless outfit combinations that I love to wear.

Depending on the shorts and boots pairing that you go with, you can create easy, everyday looks or outfits that are more dressed up and suitable for a night out.

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