Styling a $6 Prom Skirt Into Office Wear

Today, I am going to show you how to style formal wear into something you can wear to the office or to go out for the evening.

Short floral skirts have become a popular style for formals. I am a LOOOONG way from my prom days lol, but when I found this cute skirt 1/2 off in the prom section of my favorite store, I knew I could do something with it. It's silky and has a tulle underskirt, certainly not something you would think about for an everyday type of wear, but almost all pieces can transform by what you style with them.

To give you an idea of what I am working with, this is a stock photo of a similar style by the same brand, Sequin hearts. The set runs around $50-80. I purchased mine from NBC (Name brand clothing) a retail store of overstock,seasonal, returns, store closings, etc, they sell their items for at least 70% off retail and they have sales every month. They are in several states. I buy a lot of my pieces there. You can see if you have one near you at You will be shocked at their low prices.

The skirt, was already a good deal at $12 but at half price, how could I say no to $6? It was discounted because it was missing its crop halter top, which I wouldn't have worn anyway. A Goodwill $5 Anne Klein turtleneck was more my style and helped to pull the peach color from the floral print.

Adding a blazer to almost any skirt will make it office ready in a flash. It helps to tone down the formality. A vintage Ralph Lauren silk suit jacket I have had for a long time just happened to match the peach almost perfectly. A black clutch purse, necklace, and a white floral clip added to the lapel break up the sea of peach.

Using illusion styling hacks like belting a full/pleated skirt to make the waist appear smaller, and a solid color turtleneck tank to help elongate a short torso makes the outfit figure flattering.

The biggest trick to toning down formal wear is adding pieces of visual interest to distract the eye. Adding a pair of $5 casual peach Walmart sunglasses, and even though black heels would tone the outfit down even further, I chose peach and silver jeweled heels since it instantly directs the eye to the feet and off the skirt.

It's easy to dress the skirt back up if you need to, the floppy black hat adds a little glam back, which is more my personal style. I got a lot of compliments on this $11 outfit. No one noticed the formal skirt since there were several other focal points.

Don't be afraid to be a little overdressed sometimes. If an outfit makes you feel beautiful wear it. There are always ways to tone something down, but confidence is the BEST accessory. Saving a beautiful skirt for only formal occasions means it won't be worn too often, so wear it, because you are the special occasion!



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  • Mini Mini on Aug 07, 2022

    You did great! You look fabulous and so stylish. Love it!

  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 16, 2022

    Hi Eden, VERY NICE! Thank you for sharing. I must say I have read your other posts and you definitely have a flare for putting outfits together❣️

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    • Leslie Leslie on Aug 17, 2022

      Hi Eden, not kind at all just truthful. I do not compliment to make a person feel good ONLY if it is deserved and yes that sounds awful but in my world only way to live. I truly believe to put an outfit together is an art form and not everyone can do it. Your refashions are stylish, classical, classy, and in terrific taste. The test of great design is if one can wear the outfit 10,20,30 years from the date of the concept. :). Coco Chanel and many other great designers keep proving that fact time after time.