Accentuate Your Waist With These Effective Ways to Style a Tight Dress

Have you been avoiding tight dresses? If you feel like you can’t wear a bodycon dress because your waist isn’t defined enough, Giedre is here to show you how to wear a tight dress and make it flattering for your body shape. Check out these clever and effective ways to style a tight dress and define your waist.

How to get a defined waist

Add a sash belt 

The first thing Giedre does is add a long necklace to her look. She knows that this helps to elongate the upper part of her body.

Add a sash belt

To get a better waist definition, Giedre adds this gorgeous sash belt to her dress. This helps to create a more accentuated waist. Wearing a belt with a bit of flair definitely creates a slimmer waist effect. It is clear that this style tip is a super effective way to help define the waist and allow you to rock a bodycon dress. Giedre paired this look with boots which totally complete this stunning outfit. 

Add a scarf

Strategic accents 

This strategically placed scarf is the perfect way to help divide your midsection. 

How to define your waist

Giedre cleverly uses accessories to draw the eye away from her midsection. Wearing a scarf or a hat is the perfect way to take this styling tip on board. 

Add a longline gilet

Add a longline gilet

If you still don’t feel 100% comfortable, Giedre suggests wearing a longline gilet over your dress. This is a great way to add to your outfit when you feel like something is missing. This extra layer is another style opportunity to draw attention away from your belly. 

How to define my waist

Add an oversized blazer 

Another fabulous styling tip is adding an oversized blazer to your outfit. Giedre shows us that when her shoulders look a little bigger, her waist appears smaller and more defined. A longer blazer definitely makes the hips and bottom half of the body look smaller as well. 

Cinch the waist

Cinching in her waist gives Giedre a totally put together outfit. She adds a pop of color with her bag to take this look to the next level. 

Use asymmetric lines

Use asymmetric lines 

In this look, Giedre uses asymmetric lines that cause the eye to travel diagonally, creating a flattering effect. She, once again, cinches in her waist with a belt to create her desired waist definition. By tying her hair up and wearing glasses that frame her face, Giedre succeeds in drawing attention to the upper part of her body. 

Wear a shirt dress

Layer with a shirt dress

There are so many ways to style a shirt dress and this is one of Giedre’s favorites! Wearing a shirt dress over a tight dress is super effective! The long vertical lines created by side panels and, of course, accessorizing with a long necklace is so flattering to Giedre’s body proportions. 

How to style a tight dress

Add a cropped cardigan 

Giedre’s next styling tip is just amazing! Adding a cropped cardigan over a tight dress adds additional volume making the lower part of the body appear smaller than it is. You can see that Giedre’s embellished headband creates a focal point around her face, drawing the eye upward. 

All of these looks are just amazing! Which styling tip are you going to try first? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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