Check Out My 10 Item Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This tutorial is a fall outfit challenge! I chose 10 clothing items, including shoes, and challenged myself to put together ten different outfits for fall. This was such a fun exercise and I adore all the clothing combinations I came up with. Try challenging yourself to create a 10 piece capsule wardrobe.

Fall 2020 capsule wardrobe

Choose 10 pieces 

When it comes to a 10 x 10 challenge I tend to stick to neutral pieces because they are a lot easier to mix and match. For this capsule wardrobe, I chose two tops. The first is this oatmeal colored ribbed henley sweater which has some cute buttons down the front.  

Choose a turtleneck

The next top that I picked is this cream, lightweight turtleneck. This top is just a basic that I couldn’t have left out. 

Pick a sweater dress

The next three pieces in my wardrobe are dresses. The first is this gorgeous green sweater dress that also happens to be a turtleneck. I love the color of this dress and I obviously love how cozy this dress is. Perfect for fall!

How to build a fall capsule wardrobe

The next dress is a ribbed, tank top sweater dress. I love that this dress has a super cute detail of buttons going down one side. 

Add in a fall floral dress

I also chose to add this fun, floral dress to my capsule wardrobe. I am obsessed with this dress and its beautiful fall floral design. 

How to build a capsule wardrobe for fall

For my 10 x 10, I chose two bottoms. The first is this amazing black overall. It is such a cute piece and just perfect for fall! 

Have a pair of jeans

The other bottoms I chose are just plain, basic blue jeans because how could I not?

Wear a denim jacket

It was a little hard only being able to pick one jacket but in the end, I opted for my oversized denim jacket because it is just so versatile. 

Choose the right shoes

The last two pieces that I went for were shoes, First I picked a pair of brown Chelsea boots which, in my opinion, are the perfect chunky boot. 

Style combat boots

For my tenth and final piece, I added my black combat boots to the wardrobe. I am a firm believer that you can’t go wrong with a pair of combat boots. 

Pair with the denim jacket

Outfit 1 

For this first look, I decided to wear my ribbed tank top sweater dress. I paired the dress with my denim jacket to keep myself a little warmer during chilly fall. The Chelsea boots were the perfect addition to this look and worked with the neutral tone of the dress. I never forget the importance of accessorizing which I did here with a hair scarf and purse. 

Wear combat boots

Outfit 2

For my second look, I stuck with the midi sweater dress I was already wearing only this time, I added my oatmeal-colored sweater over the dress. My black combat boots worked as the perfect color contrast to this very neutral outfit. I added glasses and a matching black backpack to pull this studious, fall look together. 


Outfit 3

This next outfit is one of my favorites. I paired my combat boots with my green sweater dress and added a gorgeous hat and belt bag. I love this look because it is so simple but looks so well put together. 

Layer the henley top

Outfit 4

Outfit number 4 still revolves around the green dress but I decided to layer with the henley top. I switched out the combats for my Chelsea boots and added a tote bag to the look. I love this casual fall outfit! 

Wear the overalls

Outfit 5

This next look is another favorite! I love that when I wear a pair of overalls it seems like I have put a ton of effort into my outfit. I paired the overalls with my turtleneck and combat boots. To accessorize I rocked a hair scarf and backpack. This is such a fun fall look that is so easy to throw together!

Add a hair scarf

Outfit 6 

For outfit number 6 I stuck with the overalls, only in this look I decided to wear my henley top over them. I kept the combat boots because they just go amazingly with the black overalls. I added a headband to the look to just pull it all together.

Pair the dress and denim jacket

Outfit 7

Outfit 7 is definitely more of a fun fall look. In this look, I rocked the fall floral dress with my Chelsea boots that matched perfectly. Adding my oversized denim jacket to this look gave it the fall feel. It’s obvious that I love this hat and with this look, it becomes a fall accessory must! 

Wear the turtleneck top

Outfit 8 

This is the type of outfit that I only would have put together because of this 10 x 10 challenge and now that I have, I am totally obsessed. Wearing the turtleneck under this flowing dress is the perfect way to layer for fall. The combat boots add a bit of an edgy feel to this otherwise feminine look. 

Tuck in the dress

Outfit 9 

I am a big believer in styling different pieces to make them more versatile and that is exactly what I did in this look. I styled my floral fall dress as a top, tucking it into my blue jeans. If you didn’t already know, you would never even think this was a dress! I paired the outfit with my Chelsea boots and a tote bag. It’s the perfect casual look to rock during fall! 

Fall capsule wardrobe 2020
  1. Outfit 10 

Look number 10 is the perfect outfit for when you need to run out of the house. It has all the cozy you want for fall from the henley sweater and looks super cute with the jeans. Chelsea boots were the obvious choice for this look and the belt bag just adds a gorgeous element to the whole outfit. I would love to hear which of these looks you like best! Let me know in the comments! 

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