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by Diana | _deardianaaa_

These floral Spring Dress looks all have different inspirations. The bright, colored and bold print looks were inspired by past Gucci outfits - they always infuse the wildest prints, textures and styles to create a vibrant outfit. I wish this one dress really was a Gucci dress because it truly feels like on they would create. Lastly, a more whimsical and romantic look that would probably be categorized as more traditional. However, I love all three looks even though they exude different energy and style. I'm a big fan of color so I generally flock to more vibrant and extravagant prints. Understandably, this may not be the final look some of you may be going for. That's the beauty of fashion, we are able to create outfits that reflect our personal style or whatever type of mood we may be feeling that day. Whatever your style, I hope you find your inspiration from your surroundings and apply those to your outfits.

Gucci inspired outfit with colorful prints and patterns. I found this Vintage 70s top at a thrift store - just loved this fabulous print.

Add a string of pearls and it's an instant upgrade to an outfit. Loving my pink tulle skirt, perfect for the Spring weather.

This is a little video of a couple of the outfits featured in this blog post.

Ohlala, my faux velvet bow kitten heels. I love this find. The overall look is very interesting and unique which to me, screams Gucci!

When I found this dress online, I SCREAMED! The print is to-die-for. Flowers, butterflies and bees - super Gucci vibes. This one is a bold print so it may not be for everyone but it sure is for me and I love it so much. Perfect for Spring and Summer! Can't forget the Bee earrings I have on to tie it in altogether.

An up-close shot on the print of the dress and the same shoes from earlier.

Category is: Gucci Inspired Look-a-like dress.

I found this lovely scarf at a Dollar Store and the dress was found at Ross in 2020. I'm trying hard to re-use the stuff I own.

The floral print is so romantic and pretty, perfect for spring. A similar look can be found here.

Can't forget to add cute, fluffy pink shoes to the mix! I love these slip on fluffy sandals from Shein.

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  • Christina Christina on Mar 29, 2022

    The second dress 😍😍. How does it fit? Would you recommend going up or down a size?