LRD: Little Red Dress

Jenny Beth
by Jenny Beth

Every one talks about how a little black dress is the staple of your wardrobe, but they fail to mention that a little red dress should fall right behind it. I was gifted this amazing red dress by Shop Pink Blush. I'm going to show you how versatile this little maxi dress can be.

This is the more "glam" of the three ways I'm showing. I've paired it with a pair of wedges, which are some of my favorites. But lets mention these earrings. I get so many compliments on these. And they are only $15!

One of my favorite ways to wear a maxi dress or maxi skirt is to tie a knot in the front. This is a must in the summer time. Triple digits here can make things miserable. This is a great option if you don't want to wear shorts because you can adjust the length to your desire.

To me, this maxi dress has so many options. I may do another post of more ways to style it. Did I mention that this dress has pockets? Did I also mention that it's the softest and stretchiest maxi dress I've ever had?

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