Maternity Dress(es)

by Alliwears

Styling the bump can be so challenging. Often times comfort is sacrificed for looking great, but one of the best remedies that I've found for this: dresses. Nothing to dig into that beautiful belly. Here are some tips for choosing and styling the right dress while pregnant.

Bodycon. This tight fitting style dress is fantastic for your first trimester when your bum and thighs are (maybe) still your normal size and helps to accentuate your newly growing bump. I put a sweatshirt over top of this gown to make it a little less formal and because it was strapless -- which was not seasonal -- and my chest was already something I wanted to minimize. Use a thin belt in the center of the sweatshirt and "untuck" to hide.

Ribbed midi. While you can't really appreciate the ribbing in this lighting, vertical lines are always going to help elongate what you may feel is a rounder shape for your growing body. Midis are best worn before your ankles are swollen. Look for something that remains tight and narrow around your calves as opposed to this next dress.

This looser knit material does not maintain its shape through the calf and creates more of a "sack" look which does not do me any favors.

Maxi dress. Transition a light-weight fabric maxi to fall by putting a sweater over top. A great option for covering those varicose veins and swollen ankles if you're as self conscious about them as I am. Although changing, your body is beautiful, and you should ultimately wear whatever you want.

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